All day yesterday it was gray and foggy. Warm air had moved into the area, and coupled with the cold snow, it got pretty foggy by midday. It was one of those days which makes you feel all wonky. Wolf asked if I was ok a number of times because I was acting weird he said.

Last night after we went to bed, it started to rain. I was a little excited because I hoped it would melt some of this damned snow — which the rain did a bit — and then something weird happened: lightening. Then a long, slow rumble of thunder. Then it happened again.

In all my days on this beautiful earth, I cannot remember a night of thunder and lightening, of heavy rain while there is still 4 feet of snow on the ground.

Now looking out the window, I see flurries and a gray sky. I thought today was to be sunny and warm but I guess I’m wrong. The temps must’ve dropped for the rain to turn to snow.

It would seem we’re about 4 weeks behind regarding our weather. This weather, except for the thunderstorm, is more like early March than early April. I really hope we still have a normal spring. That is, we have a spring. Sometimes in New England we go from winter to summer without much of a spring in between. And that creates a very dry summer usually. I don’t want to see that happen again.

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One Response to Thunderstorms

  1. Noelle says:

    I’ve noticed that the grass is starting to get a little greener… We had those crazy t-storms last night as well. It seems a tad early, but I kind of enjoyed the drama.

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