When God Was a Woman

I finished reading When God Was a Woman* by Merlin Stone. It was fantastic.

Published in 1979, I’m sure it was groundbreaking book. Certainly I learned a lot reading it. While I’ve known God was a woman back in the day, I didn’t realize how well documented this fact was.

The book is basically about how the Levite priests pretty much hated sex and women so they spent a significant amount of time conquering Middle Eastern communities and changing their religious beliefs from female worship to male worship.

Stone talks lots about the Levites — and others — were Indo-European and how the Indo-European waves from the northeast, that is, Europe, came into the Middle East and swamped the inhabitants. She spends a significant amount of time deconstructing the bible, explaining “pagan” rituals and rites, matrilinial descent and matriarchy. While much of the archeology was scarce at the time, I wonder how her book would hold up today.

I learned many things about the Indo-Europeans to the point where I want to study them more. I wonder why they are so stuck on conquering other peoples to instill their societal, religious, and warrior ways. Seems to me the Indo-Europeans have taken over the world with their hatred toward others.

*I purposefully didn’t read this until after I wrote this post so it may contradict what I just wrote.

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