The other night Wolf and I sat down to watch Beowulf. On a scale of 1-10, 1 sucking ass and 10 being the best movie on the face of the planet, I give it a 3.

Now, I don’t know the story of Beowulf at all — I’ve never read the epic poem though maybe I should — so I don’t know if the screenplay stayed true to the epic. I’ll have to assume so.

Mostly what I didn’t like about the movie was the violence for the sake of violence. Because of the digital animation, the movie writers, directors, producers, whatever felt it was ok to amp up the violence but I disagree. But I’m willing to accept the level of violence depicted so long as it’s true to the epic.

The other thing I wasn’t keen on was the sex for sex sake. Again, the movie people went over the top with the caricatures for no reason except they could. Grendal’s mother’s boobs — or should I say Angelina’s boobs? — floated along, nipples high in manner which is completely unrealistic. I just found it offensive and demeaning.

I’m not a fan of digital animation, I’m not a fan of animation in the first place, but I especially don’t like it when animators go completely over the top with sex and violence. What could’ve been an enjoyable movie was ruined by the gratuitousness of the violent and sexual fantasies of the creators.

As a general rule I’m not a fan of fantasy movies. I like my fiction to be rooted in fact so books and movie like Beowulf, Lord of the Rings, etc. are not my favorites. Certainly there are exceptions: Star Trek and Harry Potter are two examples, but for the most part I steer clear of fantasy.

Overall, it wasn’t a great movie and I don’t recommend it.

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