Coming Right Along

I was thinking early today about some of the things I learned last year — canning, seed saving — and what the goals I made for this year when I realized I’m doing pretty well.

Learn in 2008

1. Sew
2. Knit/crochet
3. More seed saving techniques
4. Toilet Cloths (I’m not giving up dammit!)

I stated in this post I started to learn to knit. And I’m continuing: I started a Hufflepuff scarf for myself to wear next winter. And I may try making a hat to match. [Pictures later]

Regarding the toilet cloths, that was an experiment from last year* which didn’t end successfully. Lets just say I can’t sew. Yet. But more on that later.

Anyways, I was thinking about knitting some toilet cloths for myself. Hopefully that’ll solve the issue I ran into with my pathetic attempts of sewing facecloths to flannel PJs. Manly Man isn’t interested in using cloth again but I may just go ahead and do it anyways. First it gives me the opportunity to practice more knitting and second I use more TP than The Manly Man does.

As for learning to sew, I may ask my mother in law to teach me. I mentioned it to her before and she seemed receptive so I’m hoping to take a few days and go down to visit her.

*I looked for posts but I don’t think I did any here because I couldn’t find any.

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2 Responses to Coming Right Along

  1. Noelle says:

    I’m confused about what toilet cloths are, and I’m actually not certain I want to know… But either way, way to go with the knitting!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Reusable toilet paper. Wipe, wash. That simple.

    Only not.

    First, the flannel and facecloths didn’t absorb well enough. While they worked well on the back end, they didn’t do well on the front end.

    Second, after washing the toilet cloths a couple times they fell apart. This is because I don’t know how to sew which is why I thought about knitting some because that I can do.

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