Purged Some More

Today I put many books into boxes to be put into our storage unit. I know it’s not really purging but it is at the same time.

Also, I have this really bad compulsion to keep every box which comes into the house. You see, I *heart* boxes. Boxes hold stuff. Boxes keep things organized. But I tend to horde them. And horde a lot of them. So I managed to throw a bunch into the recycle bin. You have no idea how huge this is.

I will continue purging and encouraging — nee, nagging — Wolf to do the same.

Thing is, I’m pretty cyclic when it comes to purging. You see, I find myself getting claustrophobic in the house because we have so much shit in it that I go on these massive purges. Then I realize I have space to fill so I binge until there’s no space left.


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