I’m not participating in Crunchy Chicken’s “buy nothing” challenge because I don’t usually buy things to begin with. As Small Red House said, it’s hard to buy stuff when you have no money.

We got our tax check in the other day which allowed me to go to downtown Concord to do some shopping for the memorial service. You see, I need — nee, wanted — a new dress. Most of my “fancy” clothes no longer fit me. It’s not often I get dressy so what I have is dated/small so I hit the shops downtown to find a new dress.

Clothes shopping is never fun for me. I’m not one of the girls/chicks/women who lives to shop. Rather, I loathe it. And the reason I loathe it so much is because I have a very hard time finding clothes that fit me. My body isn’t proportional: my legs are long for my height and I have no waist. My hips and waste are large but my shoulders are small. My breasts fluctuate in size, much like Erikka’s apparently so finding clothes which fit can be like finding a drop of water in the Mojave Desert. Finding the right size is also difficult. I’m not fat enough to shop at Lane Bryant and I’m too fat for anywhere else. In short, shopping is a PITA.

Today is a beautiful day. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, it’s very warm — almost too warm — and everyone is in a good mood so I took myself shopping. While it wasn’t horrible it wasn’t fun either. I went into a variety of stores Godwanna, (I know I spelled that wrong,) Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls and a bunch of locally owned and operated stores. In total, I probably went to 10 stores looking for a dress.

What I wanted was a simple and tasteful black dress for the memorial service. Spring isn’t a great time to buy a black dress but there were some available at each store. Either the clothes were too big for me or two small as usual.

Finally in the last store I went into I found what I was looking for. It’s full length, black silk, shapeless, simple but not elegant (I would’ve liked elegant but oh well). The price nearly killed me: $85. That’s what I wanted to spend on the whole ensemble not on just one piece. But since beggars can’t be choosers I bought it. It’ll last me for years — unless I grow out of it — and is useful that I can wear it to all kinds of events.

Then I went to Pachamama to buy a shall. It’s black and purple in a rectangular shape. I had hoped to find a triangular shaped one but I didn’t. I also bought a pretty Brighid necklace.

It would be so much easier to make my own clothes because then I’d get just want I want. Right?

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One Response to Shopping

  1. Allie says:

    Oh, I’m happy to find another woman who hates to shop. I dread it, and most people seem to think that’s strange. Sorry you had to spend your day in a store, but I’m glad you found what you needed.

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