I’m Melting!

So says the snow. And thank Goddess! I don’t think I could handle anymore snow. To be honest, I don’t remember having snow this late in the year.

The last few days have been perfect: blue Sky, yellow Sun, warm Air, patches of brown ground. Signs of life are abundant. On my way to get the mail this morning I saw deer tracks. Yesterday I noticed shoots coming out of the ground. The other day I saw some sort of weasel walking through the yard, some species I’d never seen before. And a few days back I saw a black kitty which must be new to the neighborhood. If it hadn’t been for Francesca and Harley chasing it, I would’ve thought it was Caesar coming back to say hello again.*

Despite the light not being great for pictures, I went ahead and took some this morning.

shoots april 18, 2008
I believe these are the crocuses I planted last fall.

shoots april 18, 2008 (2)

My guess is these are the tiger lilies Steph gave me a few years back. Well, she gave me some lilac bushes but the lilies were planted in with them so I got both.

I see you! april 18, 2008

Here you can see the garden beds are starting to show themselves after being under the snow for almost six months. So very refreshing!

Ok, off to get my hair cut.

*Wolf and I have talked about how a noise isn’t really a noise unless the cats hear it too. We think we hear something but are never sure. But if the cats hear it too, well then! it really occurred. Funny how they are our reality check, hu?

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