Herbalism Class No. 2

So Kim and I are heading over to D Acres to take the second herbalism class we signed up for. If I remember right, there’s 5 classes.

Last month was the intro. This month I don’t know what the curriculum is. We’ll certainly find out won’t we!

It’s warm again. So gloriously warm. Wolf is up in Bristol getting things from Parkhurst: wood shavings, feed, and other chicken stuff, some soil so I can fix up my garden cells and bury (again) this bulb, and hopefully a screen door for the back door.

We still have snow but it’s on its last legs and it knows it. The garden beds are mostly snow free now. I can’t wait to see what’s happening with the garlic I planted last fall.

Ah, spring. I’m so much happier. Aren’t you?

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One Response to Herbalism Class No. 2

  1. peppylady says:

    The weather here flip back to winter and it looks like cooler weather for the week…”ucky”

    I’ve been doing some purging, sorting and organizing the items that been under our stair well.
    I got box to donate to the rummage sale for the Junior class of our local high school.

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