Spring has Sprung

The last week has been perfect: blue sky, warm sun, warm air. Each day the temperature has gotten to about 70*, melting away all the snow.

Today I put the sprouts outside so they could feel Sun and Air and to allow them to reach for Sky, not for the roof.

Most of the sprouts are doing well. I have to replant the corn (Francesca got her teeth into them) and a few other things but otherwise I have no complaints. I’m not sure the onions will make it, I may have to start over with them.

sprouting april 20, 2008 (2)

Last fall I planted some garlic into one of the beds. I plan to harvest it all around July. Otherwise, nothing is in the garden beds as of yet. The snow continues to melt and as it does, I’ll be readying the beds for actual plants.

Wolf will have to do some maintenance on the beds. Although you can’t see it in this picture, one of the logs has rolled off the one it was on top of and broken the pegs Wolf put in to hold the logs in place. This is nothing unusual. It was a rough winter so I’m not surprised the beds need some tending to.

garden beds april 20, 2008 (2)

I’m thinking of getting some chicken manure to put into the beds to perk up the soil. Opinions?

Wolf continues to work on the chicken coop. While I can show you pictures now, I think I’ll wait until he’s done to post the pictures. Actually, I may just have him post about the chicken coop building process. After all, this blog is supposed to be a joint venture between us, not just me doing all the writing.

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2 Responses to Spring has Sprung

  1. Noelle says:

    I have bed envy. I think I might get a tomato plant this year, but that’s probably going to be the extent of it. I wish I had some chicken ideas, but my knowledge is seriously lacking in that arena.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Noelle: when you’re ready you’ll get beds and chickens. And then you’ll have more knowledge to share.

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