Answers Please!

The answers to the questions asked.

Allie asked: When do you feel the most like yourself?

That’s a damned hard question, Allie! I put a lot of thought into it and the answer is I feel most like myself when I’m home alone. And when I’m sitting around just hanging out with Wolf.

The opposite of that is I feel least like myself when I’m in any sort of social situation. Be it a family function, a party with friends, or at work, I tuck important parts of my personality away because I cannot be myself. My opinions are too strong, my views on society and politics are too radical, too oppositional.

Erikka asked: what’s going on with the chickies?

Wolf finished the chicken coop last weekend (pictures later. I had to send my camera out to be serviced) in anticipation of the arrival of the chickens on Monday but for some reason they didn’t get here. It would appear they will be here on Friday however, because we’ll be in Mass. all weekend for Dad’s memorial service, we won’t be able to pick them up until next Monday, the 5th of May.

Incidentally, the 5th is the actual day Dad died. I think it’s apropos to bring new life — and life giving animals — onto Howling Hill on the new moon and on Dad’s deathday. It’ll be a day of celebration. Right after I get the crown put on my tooth.

Randilin asked me two questions: 1) If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? 2) If you could travel back in time and change history what would you change?

1) If given the opportunity to make one major change, I would change the way people think. Yea, that’s huge, I know. But I would change the idea of “more is better.” I would change the idea that it’s ok to kill other people for money, food, resources.

2) Given the opportunity to time travel (which always the superpower I chose when given the hypothetical question. Must be the genealogist in me.) I would go back and change the mind of whomever came up with capitalism. I think it’s the most detrimental idea wo/man has ever had. It’s raped our planet and all it’s inhabitants.

A close second, btw, is I’d change the evangelical nature of Christianity. While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with believing in Christ, I very much think there’s something wrong with the evangelical nature of the religion. Along with it’s close friend and mate capitalism, Christianity has done more damage. It seems to have created problems just so it could come in and “rescue” the heathen.

Noelle questioned: My standard question: What person, alive or dead, do you wish kept a blog?

Hmmm, tough one. Princess Diana, certainly. Christ. Christine de Pizan . Definitely Hypathia. Mary and Mary Magdalene, absolutely. Fatimah. Must I go on?

RA also asked two questions: Why do you blog? What are you reading now?

I used to try and keep a diary but I was never very successful. I never remembered I had it. I was always afraid someone would find it*, I would loose it. After stopping and starting a million times, it just seemed so pointless.

I started blogging in 2005 as a way to work through the anger which is just starting to dissipate. The blog I had, which some of my current readers were patrons of, was just so full of rage. I raged about the world, about school, about my childhood. It was fairly cathartic, actually. I deleted that blog last year and started anew. I struggle to keep this blog more cheerful and less rageful. Sometimes I slip and fall back into old patterns. When I do, I either delete or move on.

So the answer to your question is to exorcise the pain in my chest. Well, that was the initial reason I started blogging. Now I blog to make connections, to peek into other people’s lives. To travel the country without leaving my house. To continue practicing my writing because it’s a skill I don’t want to lose.

I knew someone was going to ask me what I’m currently reading. About the only thing I’m reading right now is other peoples blogs. I’m weird about books. As much as I love them, I don’t read them very often. I have lots of them, I continue to buy them, but reading them is a completely different action.

I binge read to be honest. I started reading Women of the Celts but lost interest in it. Not that it isn’t interesting, it is and it’s well written and researched. That’s what happens to me and books. I start to read them then I don’t finish. Or I read a book straight through then start on another just to put it down a few pages in.

So the short answer is I’m not reading anything. Does that make me a bad blogger?

Peppylady, one of my most dedicated readers asked me three questions: 1. Do you have curly or straight hair? 2. What was your first post about? 3. Does anyone in your family know about your blog, if so how do they react?

1. I have bone straight hair. Right now it’s just past my shoulders and it’s brown. I’ve colored it, permed it, cut it, and done just about everything under Sun over the years. Now that I’m getting old and must look appropriate if I want a job, I just keep it long and natural.

2. Well, if you mean on this blog, it was entitled womb building If you mean my previous blog, I have no idea. Probably me trying to figure out how to work Blogger.

3. When I first started blogging I informed many of my family members of my venture. However, they were uninterested. To my knowledge, no family member reads this blog despite the fact that two cousins also blog (their links are on my sidebar). Also, I have another blog where I write about my genealogy. Every family member I have an email address for was given the address but only two read it that I know of: my cousin Patty in Mississippi and Mireille in Massachusetts. (That I keep private because names and pictures are on it so don’t ask for the address.)

I would love it if my family read my words. I have a link to Howling Hill on my Facebook profile. Despite having over twenty cousins as “friends” I don’t think a single one of them has clicked on the link to bring them here. I also think I have one on my MySpace, but I don’t remember. I should check.

As for friends there is only one I know for sure who reads this, Scott. Otherwise my friends are “too busy.” Glenn and Maggie may read it now that they have their own blog but I’m not sure. I know they used to read Pensieve, which is one blog I merged here. Pensieve focused on my spirituality.

Oooh, that was fun. I’ll do it again at a later date. How about you?

*Which happened and got me into a heap of trouble in 7th grade. My mother’s husband read it, saw I had written “I wish Ken would die” because he had just gotten out of the hospital after suffering from a collapsed lung (hint: don’t smoke). The whole thing exploded when I demanded to know why he was in my room, why he was snooping around, and what gave him the right to read my diary, which was locked. My mother justified his actions then wanted to know why I wished death on him. She seemed so baffled. So was I.

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2 Responses to Answers Please!

  1. Allie says:

    Oh, I had my diary read when I was a teenager. It was so damaging. I can see why it would be tempting, but if I had a kid, I would never ever ever do it.

    I totally agree with you on wishing there was a way to turn around the whole more is better thing.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Violating is a good adjective to describe how I felt about having my diary red.

    I remember coming home and finding my mattress standing up on it’s side against a wall. I said “what happened to my room?” at which time my mother launched into some cockamamie story, one which I knew was completely false. I realized at that time I would never have privacy so what was the point of trying to hide stuff?

    More is not always better. But it’s a hard line to sell I think.

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