3.2 Planets

If everyone lived like I do, we would need 3.2 planets. The last time I took this test it was closer to five I think.

The biggest change is I’m not working right now. If I was, then the numbers would go up.

My big complaint about these types of tests is they don’t allow me to make the correct choices when I choose where I live. The choices are: urban, suburban, or on a farm. While I live rurally, I don’t live on a farm (much to my chagrin). Though I chose the farm to represent the way I live, it’s not the truth. But it’s closer to the truth than the sub/urban choices.

I didn’t know the average amount we spend on heating oil and electricity so I left the numbers the way program puts them in so I don’t know if they were high or low on our consumption.

Take the test and see how you do.

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3 Responses to 3.2 Planets

  1. Howling Hill says:

    Erikka: that’s great.

  2. Randilin says:

    That’s great Erikka. I ended up with 4.2 but am fairly certain that it isn’t right for me. Those tests never include a lot of things that is done in our household for the environment.

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