Allergy Head: Neti Pot Take 2

Last week I posted about an unsuccessful attempt at using a neti pot. Well, I gave it a try today and had better results.

I’m still stuffy, sniffly, and snotty although I feel tons better than I did last week which is why I thought today I would have good results with the neti pot.

I put it in my right nostril — the clogged one — and it came out of my left nostril in drips. I switched and again it came out in drips although it took a couple seconds longer to make it through the mucus* but it did. Again, though, my right ear got some fluid in it and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s supposed to be like that…? Or maybe my body is that way.

I don’t feel any better or worse than I did although now I’m starting to get a slight sinus headache above my eyes and, of course, my nose is running again. But if it’s all part of recovery I’ll suck it up. (Well, not literally, that’d be gross).

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been taking some expired Allegra Wolf was prescribed in 2005. I’ve been taking it at night so I can get some sleep (and so Wolf can get some sleep too) because I’d gotten to the point where I just couldn’t take it any more. Because I wasn’t sleeping I wasn’t getting better. One can’t get better if they can’t sleep. And poor Wolf wasn’t sleeping either and that makes for an unproductive day at work, which in turns makes a cranky Wolf. So with the idea of keeping my man employed, I took some Allegra. I put me to sleep and made us both happy.

Kim was nice enough to get me some Allergy Relief Herbal Tea from Wise River Herbals. Wise River Herbals is run out of D Acres. Kim and I have been taking an herbal class there but I had to miss Sunday’s class because I felt like total shit. You see, I managed to get a migraine so I brought my ass right home and to bed from the grocery store and she went without me. Lauren, the herbalist who is teaching the class, asked where I was and Kim explained I was on my death bed.

I was fully intending to take an herbalist class at Misty Meadows this year but couldn’t come up with the $1500. I’ve been wanting to take this particular herbalist class for the last couple years so I can “get off” pharmaceuticals and treat our illnesses the way I think they should be treated: with herbs and plants. I’ll be the first to admit when I’m miserable I’ll do anything for relief. If that means taking something poisonous to get to sleep and/or feel better, I’ll do it if my body isn’t healing in the time I’d like it too. Mostly, though, I take the drugs because I don’t know how to treat illnesses with herbs, hence the classes. And the desire to take a full course to be a “true” herbalist. Learning from books just doesn’t do it for me, I need the hands on instruction of someone in the know.

*Wolf said to me last week “I’m impressed with the sheer volume of mucus you body produces. I didn’t think anyone could make that much snot that fast.” Um, thanks Babe. I think.

Updated to add: it’s been a 1/2 hour and how my head is *pounding*. Ug. I think me and the neti pot are breaking up. I’ll give it one more chance when (if) I feel better but if the headache happens again, I’m booting neti to the curb like The Worst Boyfriend I Ever Had (O’Hal).

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3 Responses to Allergy Head: Neti Pot Take 2

  1. Allie says:

    That sucks! It’s saved me many a time. Are you doing the funky exercises to get the water out of your head after you use it? I had headaches the first few times I used it, and I think that was the culprit. Also, I think sometimes when your sinuses are that backed up when the snot starts flowing it can hurt worse for awhile before it gets better. I know you also have to be careful to use the right temperature water. If it’s too cold, it makes things worse.

    I really hope you feel better soon!

  2. jeffsher63 says:

    Neti pots are difficult to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, they work great. I add a little more salt than recommended; this draws out more mucous. Try using it in the nostril that is less blocked first.

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Allie: yes! I put some funk on then use the neti pot =) In all seriousness, I am moving my head around in a variety of different ways to try and keep the fluid out of my ears and then copiously blowing my nose to get any remaining liquid out of my nose. I have seen some results in that the mucus is loosening up some but relief still hasn’t come to me. Like I said, we need rain. That’s what’s going to make me feel better because it’ll wash away the pollen.

    Jeff: thanks! I was thinking of putting the neti pot away until I feel better and then trying it. Tell me, how did you find my blog?

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