Chicken Update

Well, the four are doing fine. Wolf has assigned names to them. The leader of the pack is Buffalo and the one at the bottom of the pecking order is McNugget. The other two remain nameless for a few more days. Buffalo is light tan/red while the others are all a bit darker tannish/red.

They haven’t been allowed out of the coop yet and they’re itching to get out. I think I’ll broach the subject with Wolf today when he gets home for work.

He has gotten them to eat out of his hand and out of mine too which is good. And while we’re a little peeved they came debeaked, at least it didn’t hurt one one bit me earlier today nor does it hurt when they eat out of your hand.

Pictures as soon as my camera comes back from the shop.

Oh, and no eggs yet. I’m hoping around Memorial Day.

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