I just ran down to dowtown Franklin to pick up some wildflower seed mix (thank you Freecycle) and was envious it’s raining down there.


It’s gray and cloudy and has been all day. There have been a few raindrops falling from the sky but not enough to wet everything down much less relieve me of these damned allergy symptoms. You know, I woke from a dead sleep last night just to have a sneeze attack. Normally I sneeze once and that’s it but this went on for about 5 sneezes, maybe more (I was asleep after all). I mean, come on! Who wakes up just to sneeze?

So, please, RAIN! Here! For about a week. No flooding, no torrential downpours, just a nice steady rain to get rid of the pollen and to nourish our parched Mother Earth.

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3 Responses to Rain

  1. peppylady says:

    This weekend we could have July like weather the weather people said it could be in mid 80’s.
    There even talking about some flooding here in North Idaho.

    Glad your doing better. I’ve had a stuffy, runny nose and the worst is that drip that goes to back of your throat.
    I’m slowly getting better.

  2. Noelle says:

    I was looking at the reservoir in San Jose over the weekend. Those folks are in some serious trouble this summer. The rainy season ended way early, and there’s not much left for irrigation.

    But here in New York, we’ve had a lovely mixed day of sun, clouds and showers.

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Peppy: I heard that also. Hopefully it won’t get like that here until July.

    I’m only doing marginally better. I’ll feel fine for a few hours then back to the stuffy, snotty, headachy way I’ve been feeling for two weeks. I’ve had enough!

    Noelle: Well, it is a desert despite having a huge population. In my opinion, that area wasn’t meant for colonization.

    I hope we get rain. I can see it wants to rain, I can smell the rain. It just won’t come down!

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