Garden Update

Today Wolf put the fence around the garden, not that it does any good, and planted the seeds into the ground. It’s not the way we usually do things around here but I haven’t been able to play in the dirt due to these effing allergies.

The seeds which went into the ground are:

Bed I
Right side
Tigger melons
Small yellow watermelon
Small red watermelon
Left side
Three (maybe four) different kinds of cukes

Bed II
I planted some rainbow corn about a week or two ago but nothing. I’ll have to buy some more. Otherwise, nothing is planted there yet. Beans, squash, and zucchini will go in there tomorrow. We’re using the Three Sisters method of planting.

Left side
Nothing yet. I don’t know what we’re going to put in there.
Right side
Garlic which I planted last fall. It’s doing really, really well. We won’t harvest any this year, we’ll leave it to grow until next year, maybe the year after. Garlic gets better and more fragrant the longer you leave it in the ground.

Bed IV
Left side
Two paste varieties
Two slicing varieties
One cherry
One grape which I seeded myself. Lets hope the seeds grow into plants. The one I got last year was so prolific with such yummy, sweet, grape tomatoes.
Right side
One cayene pepper
Two different bell peppers
Two small bell peppers (orange and red)

Bed V
Two varieties of spinach. I put the seeds in the ground a week or two ago and nothing has happened. Normally I plant spinach in March but we still had snow. As a matter of fact, we still had snow in April.
Nothing. I was planning on putting some onion seed in but I don’t have any. I may put the potatoes there, I haven’t decided yet.

Bed VI
Nothing. Probably whatever potatoes don’t fit into Bed V or maybe some squash.

In the mini-bed the oregano I planted last year is coming up on it’s own. Glad to know that.

I have some other herbs to plant into pots: chamomile, basil (doing well already), thyme, catnip (which I put in a week or two ago but nothing as of yet), and some dill. And, like I said before, the chives are doing very well.

Now all we need is some rain. Again it’s really, really dry. It’s as if we’ve suddenly been transported to the southwest.

Here’s to hoping for a good harvest!

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6 Responses to Garden Update

  1. peppylady says:

    Sounds like your having quite the garden.
    It was a great day here to be outside so Murphy and I did quite a few things outside.

    I’ll be having some picture posted tomorrow for Green Thumb Sunday.

  2. Turtleheart says:

    You’re really getting your garden in shape for the season! I’m envious. I haven’t even started planning mine, with all that’s going on with the house. I’d like to at least grow some tomatoes and green beans this year.

    PS- had to move my blog back to blogger, you can find me at:

  3. Noelle says:

    Wow, you just put my four vegetables to shame! But I do have pretty markers for them…

    It’s funny, I’m allergic to my cat, so I’ve been going outdoors to ESCAPE the allergy attacks.

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