Dear SolarFest friend and supporter,

We will keep it simple: we no longer have to convince the public that there is a problem. It’s clear there is a need for our three-day celebration of renewable energy and the arts, with over sixty workshops on sustainable living. Our attendance numbers show us that people are hungry for what SolarFest offers: we want to keep feeding them. And to do that, we need your help.

Take a look at what we accomplish together:

■ For fourteen years we have successfully served our mission of Energy Education Through the Arts by keeping the SolarFest ticket price accessible.

■ We offer an amazing variety of hands-on and how-to workshops taught by experts in the field.

■ We present world-class artists who never fail to wow on two solar-powered stages.

■ We share our unique Theater-in-the-Woods, bonfire art and breathtaking setting.

■ We assemble over 100 vendors and exhibitors, offering people tools and opportunities.

■ We build a community of hundreds of people who volunteer thousands of hours to bring it all off.

All of this is available for a weekend ticket price of $35, with family members 16 and under admitted free, and early purchase discounts until June 15th. Amazing, and if we were a for-profit business, utterly foolish.

We know we offer an incredible bargain, because it is imperative to give people the tools we need to carve a different, sustainable world out of the current one. We offer the hope of empowerment and education. We offer the strength of community. In the inspiring success of the festival itself, we demonstrate a future where we trust each other and pull together.

You are receiving this letter because you have supported us in the past, by donating or sponsoring or volunteering or buying a ticket. We ask that you renew your support, and make a contribution to SolarFest this spring. There is much work to be done, and much to hope for.

We have far too much to tell you about this year’s exciting keynote speakers, performing artists and workshops to fit on this page: please visit our newly re-designed website for all the information you need, including an easy way to make an online contribution.

12 McNamara Road
Tinmouth, VT 05757
(802) 235-1513

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