Project Covered Wagon

Crunch Chicken participated in this little piece o’ fun and I thought I would too.

Who would you pick (from the blogging world) to be your wagon-mates on the Oregon Trail?

Neophyte is on the top of my list because she knows animals way better than I do. And she’s not afraid to get dirty. And because she has kids. Since I won’t be adding to the gene pool we need people who have children to create the next few generations.

Turtleheart because she’s uber crafty and knows how to do those important things like sew. And she’s a fab cook of cookies! I always need cookies!

Seatleitte because she understands the political system better than anyone I know. And she has incredible documentary skills. Every covered wagon trip needs to be video-documented and she’s the woman for the job!

Walking Punchline will keep us in stitches with her wit and stories of the Appalachian Trail (which also means she knows how to stay alive on a trail such as the Oregon). Besides, she’s got the ESQ abbreviation after our name. And believe me when I say there are not many funny lawyers out there. She’s a gem and a keeper!

Desert Medicine Woman for her skill as an herbalist, knowledge of western US plants, and her calming spirit.

Lastly, Jeff Lilly and his clannette. Jeff has the ability to create language specific to our group and can be one of our religious leaders. Since I like balance when it comes to leading religious services, I’d like Rachel Barenblatt to come along. Never mind these two individuals have different religious views, they each bring a sense of balance, are intelligent, educated, and well written, and courteous enough to find common ground in their belief systems and the colonists (that is, us) belief systems to fulfill everyone’s spiritual/religious needs.

My covered wagon will be full because I wouldn’t ask the above individuals to leave their families behind. So spouses, children, animals, and livestock will all come. It’ll slow us down but that’s ok. I don’t want anyone depressed because they left their loved ones behind.

And you?

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4 Responses to Project Covered Wagon

  1. Phelan says:

    I would be deppressed if I had to leave my cows behind. Hope someone on your list has girls, because my boys can’t create a next generation without them.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Phelan: Yes, there are girls in the mix. Only two though, so they’ll have to have multiple husbands =)

  3. Rachel says:

    What a great meme! I’m honored by the inclusion. :-) Thank you most kindly!

  4. Turtleheart says:

    Thanks for taking me along! Although I don’t know that my sewing skills are such that you’d be safe wearing anything I made, it might just fall apart on ya. Better let me crochet you a poncho instead. ;-) Oh, and I have some mad skills when it comes to campfire cooking, so we wouldn’t starve, but we’d eat lots of beans and hobo dinners.

    PS- I moved to blogger because we lost our free host server for our .com addresses (but may get another one if we can afford to)

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