I’ve been done in Mass for the last couple days working on the genealogies and taking pictures of Devin and Nikki for her prom. Ah, young love! How I remember it so.

In one major boneheaded move, I managed to leave the power supply to my laptop at the National Archives in Waltham. This does not make me happy. I called and left them a message but they won’t get it until Tuesday when the building opens again. This is me displeased.

Yesterday I was at <a href=”http://www.dacres.orgD Acres for another of the herbalist classes in the series I’ve been taking all spring. There was much more hands on this time which is good. Also, she took us outside and showed us some of the plants, how to identify and harvest. The first couple classes I took were all lecture. I don’t learn via lecture. This is why I did so shitty in college despite working my ass off.

There’s a whole host of other classes at D Acres I want to take over the summer. I wish I lived closer to D Acres so I can take more classes and spend some more time up there learning stuff but it’s almost 40 miles away. And, because I have to travel around a couple mountains to get there, it takes a little over an hour.

On the way to D Acres yesterday, I passed this gem. Since I was running late I couldn’t stop in but I did on the way back. It’s a nice little event, one I will plan on going to next year. I talked to the festival organizer who put me on the mailing list. It’s so nice to know there’s an event like this in NH. Sometimes I feel so alone as a Pagan because we’re so scattered. Traveling to distant places is always fun but not feasible most of the time. To know there’s an event in my backyard is just awesome!

Today Wolf is trying to fix the hose so we can water the bone dry garden. The chickens are supervising him, honing their middle-management techniques.

Speaking of the chickens, they are doing fine. Each is getting a little fatter and is spending more time outside. They have also started going into their home on their own at dusk which is good. Chicken herding is more difficult than cat herding. Well, maybe not but damn close.

We’ve still not gotten any eggs but I’m hoping soon.

Tomorrow we may head up to Wellington State Park depending on the bugs. The bugs have been atrocious this year because of the dryness of spring. I don’t have the stuff to make a bug salve (sprays evaporate to easily).

The weather has been good. Wolf finished the garden. Now we just have to watch it grow.

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