Water Reclamation, Windmills, and Hummer Limos

While down in Mass last week, I stopped into Mt. Auburn Cemetery. It boasts:

Mount Auburn Cemetery has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior, recognizing it as one of the country’s most significant cultural landscapes. Founded in 1831, it was the first large-scale designed landscape open to the public in the United States. Today its beauty, historical associations and horticultural collections are internationally renowned.

And it is beautiful especially at this time of the year when the flowering trees are in full bloom.

I was there to visit my great-aunt Mabel’s grave. While there I saw this very cool water reclamation process going on at the greenhouse. I thought I’d share.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery Greenhouse Water Reclamation May 2008 (1)
About thirty barrels connected to the gutter system.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery Greenhouse Water Reclamation May 2008 (2)
A close up of the connection from the gutters to the barrels.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery Greenhouse Water Reclamation May 2008
The barrels are connected to each other.

After I visited Mt. Auburn, I went to Wintrop to visit my great-grandparents grave (which I couldn’t find). I saw this on the way in the Revere area.

Windmill in Revere area
Not a great picture because I was driving while taking the picture (I know, bad me.)

And on my way home on Friday, a hummer limo was behind me.

Hummer limo in my rearview
Memorial Day traffic courtesy of Massachusetts.

At first I was irate about the hummer but then I put some thought into it (there’s plenty of time to think when you’re going 10 miles an hour for almost 100 miles). Considering it was prom night in a couple towns, there were lots of limos on the road. This was the only hummer limo I saw. And I realized if the hummer limos (or just hummers) were used once a year on prom night, then that’s ok with me. It’s when they’re used all the time that it’s an issue for me. So let them drive around feeling big in their rented hummer and pseudo-fancy dresses and tuxes for one night. And then get into their electric vehicles the next day.

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