Seven Resumes and Counting

I’ve sent out seven resumes in the last 30 days. It could be worse I know. Whitney, a woman I blog-know, sent out over 30 before she got a job.

Frustrated and depressed barely describe how I feel regarding employment.

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2 Responses to Seven Resumes and Counting

  1. erikka says:


    Getting a job is hard work. Congratulate yourself for working so hard! 30 resumes!!! But don’t think the job is over – send out more every day. Do the follow up busy work.

    But if nothing pans out right away, this does not mean you fail! This is just part of getting a job. You have to keep working at it.

    Good luck!

  2. simplewitch says:

    I hate job hunting! Here’s something to do while you wait for the phone to ring!

    Yup, I tagged you. Please don’t hate me.

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