All Those Things You Do

To make it rain like leaving your car doors open and hanging the laundry? Yea, I’ve done those and still we’ve not had any rain. The weathermen keep promising it’ll rain but nary a drop from the sky. Watering my garden in May is not good. It should be moist as hell around here.

I’m not a fan of weather spells but I’m thinking of doing one asking for rain. I’m just afraid of my lack of balance and how it will affect the spell and the weather.

Edited to add: We did get a brief shower. It came down really, really heavy for about 10 minutes then descended to a light rain. I was hoping the light rain would last a week but it only lasted about a 1/2 hour. It’s still pretty cloudy so maybe it’ll rain some more over the weekend.

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4 Responses to All Those Things You Do

  1. peppylady says:

    I don’t real say I’m superstition but I do some old wives tale things.

    You gave me a great subject to post about tomorrow after “green thumb sunday”

  2. Howling Hill says:

    I’m a huge fan of old wives tales. Tell me some you believe in!

  3. Gina says:

    We need more rain too. Last night’s showers are barely noticeable. The ground is still dry.

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