Red Combs

The combs on each of the chickens is getting brighter. Each had pink-ish combs on top of their heads and their waddles were the same color. But now both the comb and waddle are getting redder, brighter, more noticeable.

Is it an indication they’re getting ready to lay? Is it because they’re scratching around the New Hampshire woods eating all kinds of bugs and greens which is meeting their nutritional needs? Is it both?

We shall find out!

Edited to add: “Chickens mature at a relatively slow rate in terms of egg laying. They need to be anywhere between 5 and 6 months old usually before they are ready to lay eggs. It is not always possible to tell by age however, but it is able to tell by the development of their features. If you look at the bird in my right hand, she is an active egg laying bird. She has a very bright red waddle and comb and is very distinctive. You can actually see it. If you look at the bird in my left hand, her comb is almost non-existent, she has no waddle yet and her face and features are very pale pink. As she matures and gets ready to lay eggs, those features will become more extinct, the waddle and the comb and they will darken and get redder and redder until she is actually ready to lay eggs. The other features is harder to show but the distance between the points of their pelvic bones is another characteristic. If you can get three fingers in between the points of their pelvic bones, then you know they are actively laying eggs.”

There’s a video which goes along with the text but it ain’t workin fo me. Click on the link and see if it works for you.

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