Wolf has a way of yelling my name which induces panic in my chest. First off, he rarely uses my first name except when he’s pissed at me, otherwise there’s a whole range of endearments he calls me. So when he actually *uses* my name I know something is up.

I was in the house cleaning up some of the smeg here on Howling Hill when he called out my name from outside in a very, very urgent manner. I ran out there, holding my breasts down (which is always amusing) to see him over by the canoe (next to the shed) motioning me to come along faster. As I approached, he pointed to this

Buffalo's nest under the canoe 6.1.08

Buffalo has laid us three eggs! Instead of using the nesting boxes Wolf so lovingly built for the Ladies, she made a nest under the canoe and laid three eggs.

Buffalo's first eggs 6.1.08

Two are quite small and one is fairly large.

Getting Comfy in the Brooding Box

Here’s Buffalo getting all snuggly in a nesting box. Wolf put the two wooden eggs together to induce her to chose the box over the canoe. It worked because just as I was typing out this post, he called me out to the coop. Buffalo laid another egg (it didn’t take that long). He put it in my hands and it was still warm!

Chickens make a loudish clucking noise to announce they laid an egg. Wolf said he heard Buffalo make the noise then the other three Ladies ran over to the coop.

If the other three are laying we don’t know where the eggs are. I looked in a couple places I know they frequent but didn’t see others. We’re hoping they’ll see Buffalo in the nesting boxes and get the idea. Their combs and waddles are getting pretty red and defined so laying time is soon.

Ooooh! So happy!

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6 Responses to Eggs!

  1. peppylady says:

    If I do certain body movement I have to hold my boobs in place.

    It most be great to have your own eggs.
    The one in the hand some what looks new potatoes.

    I got my old wives things posted.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Peppy: yea, running across the yard requires me to hold the girls in place. Otherwise it hurts as they bounce up and down with each step…

    It is awesome to have our own eggs! I can’t wait until they are all laying!

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Allie: Yes! Very exciting!

    Now we’re playing “find the eggs”.

  4. erikka says:

    WOW! Congratulations on the fruition of your love and care.

  5. Howling Hill says:

    Thanks Erikka. To be honest, I don’t think we did anything special. The Ladies are doing what biology tells them to do. We’re just giving them a wooden house to live in so they don’t get eaten by predators.

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