Shaman Path Weekend -Announcement & Flyer To Please Share

Anima requested their readership forward this information. I’m only too happy to oblige.

I wish I could go. If wishes were horses…

July 3rd – 6th
The Shaman Path Intensive
(for both women and men)

A 3 day intensive held not in a classroom but an ancient Place Of Power. Taught by Jesse Wolf Hardin with Kiva Rose, the focus will be on realizing a deep and experiential understanding of empowered self, and on redefining the role of the contemporary shaman in terms of envisioning possibilities, bridging the worlds, and healing personal and societal imbalance.

Specific topics will depend on the needs and desires of the participants, but may include:

• Developing conscious hyperpresence, hyperawareness, hypersentience, precognition and intuition, tapping primal instinct

• Sensing, connecting with, drawing energy and discerning lessons from the various manifestations of the earthen Anima.

• Recognizing and learning from our kindred spirits, including our animal totems

• Reshaping perception

• Plant medicines and teachers

• Moving energy, and the Animá principles of healing

• The Animá Medicine Wheel

• Reincorporating the scattered or denied parts of our whole selves. Reintegrating mind, body, heart, spirit and earth.

Together we will learn to walk through the portal of the feeling heart, to enter into deeper connection with the daily miraculous… taking responsibility as potentially powerful, artful co-creators of our world and our reality. Those wishing, have the option of spending a night or more out on a mini-quest, or otherwise customize your weekend experience to best meet your abilities and needs.

To register, please go to the events page at, or simply click on the following link for a registration form: shamans-path-intensive-reg.doc

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