Unborn in the USA

Last night I sat down and watched Unborn in the USA a film about the pro-life movement.

The film is broken into segments. The first focusing on a group which brings graphic images to college campuses, the second protests outside abortion clinics and staff members of a pro-life facility located next to a abortion clinic, the third talks to “Army of God” members, including a man who firebombed one or two clinics, and the fourth brings the same graphic images to US street corners.

The images are of aborted fetuses and victims of genocide meant to be jarring and graphic, meant to induce anger and rage. One thing which I found so interesting is how the college campus group trained and organized their volunteers to talk to people with love and openness about abortion. But I find that hard to swallow considering the group is specifically trying to piss people off with their images.

All in all, the anti-choice people are well represented. It showed me we actually have some commonalities which is not something I expected. Despite the images I am still pro-choice and will remain so until every pregnancy in the world is planned, wanted, and prepared for by all individuals involved.

The petty bickering was the only thing about the film I didn’t like. I did fast forward through the yelling and screaming as I felt it had no value whatsoever. I didn’t enjoy the graphic images either but I understand why the prolife movement uses them: they’re getting desperate and desperate people do whatever they can.

Overall it was a good film. It showed me the pro-life movement is presenting information in much the same way the pro-choice movement does. They use the language of compassion, love, and understanding just as the pro-choice movement does. If you’re one without an opinion on abortion then you will be very confused about who loves women, fetuses, and babies more after listening to both groups giving their presentations on women.

My only wish for the film was this: I wish the filmmakers had found some women who chose to bring their pregnancies to term and questioned them on whether that choice was still right and how it affected their lives. Did they get kicked out of their homes when they decided to keep it? Did they have to leave school and get a minimum wage job? Did they marry someone for stability?

The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion for a great essay on pro-lifers who get abortions.

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2 Responses to Unborn in the USA

  1. Allie says:

    I just saw this amazing documentary about people who came out to their parents. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was on PBS. One family was Mormon and Republican. The mother even said that her son had every reason to believe he’d be turned away when he came out. But they did EVERYTHING right. They were absolutely fantastic parents and full of love and became advocates for their son. The mother was one of the most compassionate and eloquent speakers I’ve ever heard. I was bawling through the entire thing. It’s so interesting to hear the other side of the story, isn’t it? We form opinions of the “other side” so easily and forget that there are people with real emotions and connections on either side.

    Maybe if we addressed issues keeping this in mind we’d be more effective in finding middle ground.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Allie: it sounds great! If you remember the title let me know.

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