Water From the Sky

For the last few days it’s been gray and overcast, humid yet chilly. Because of the increase water in the air the garden has exploded as have the mosquitoes (the black flies have moved on thankfully). However, it hasn’t rained that much. Oh sure, a little here and there but mostly it’s been misty which is great. It’s been such a dry spring too much rain will cause flooding and other havoc. I’ve been asking for “a week of misty rain” and we got it. Not for a week but we got it so now everything is wetter than it has been.

Last night it started to rain. It’s been coming down at a steady pace but not too hard. Again, this is good. We need the rain so badly that I’m not complaining at all. Nor is the garden.

Despite catching <a href=”https://howlinghill.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/success/”>Little Miss Siren</a> a couple weeks ago, I’ve still been hearing caterwauling at night. Well last night as I was sitting on the couch I saw a kitty come out of the woods and start heading down the driveway. I called out “Harley” thinking it was him before I realized he was already in the house. It was dusk so all I could see was a tall, thin, short-haired cat with a white chest. Harley fits the same description but when I really looked I realized the white chest markings were all wrong to be Harley. That’s when I realized there’s another stray hanging around so I put out the trap. Well s/he got some tuna last night but didn’t get caught. Sigh. I’ll have to try again though I’ll have to wait until next week.

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