Wanted: Simple Afghan Pattern

I’ve been googling all morning looking for afghan patterns but can’t find a simple one. Oh sure, I find really complex ones I have no hope of knitting right now (my skill level is novice) but someday hope to but can’t seem to find any simple ones.


What I want to knit is a simple afghan for Wolf’s niece’s wedding.

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3 Responses to Wanted: Simple Afghan Pattern

  1. shellssells says:

    You might try this book…
    The reason it is nice is that the patterns aren’t too challenging but even better the large needle size makes the afghan a very quick knit over all.

  2. Allie says:

    You could just knit squares, making sure they are all the same size, and then sew them together.

    I raid the library for knitting books all the time. It’s a great source.

  3. Howling Hill says:

    I thought of that, Allie, but still don’t understand the mechanics of attaching two squares together.

    We do have a public library here in town but it’s really the primary school’s. The way it works is like this: we have about 1000 people in town thus our town doesn’t have a lot of money. Only one library could be built with the money available at the time so the town chose to build a library for the only school in town: a primary school.

    There’s a section for adults but it’s really small. I don’t know how the inter-library loan thing works in town, if it does at all. Being part of the inter-library community costs money and our town may not have the ca$h to join.

    Thus, our library isn’t much of a resource for adults which is really too bad.

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