J & C Nyman Farms

For my Ontario peops.

We’re a family owned, ethically run, value-added local food producing farm. We also strive to be a source of information and community development centered around allowing our customers to get intimately in touch with the origins of their food.

Someday Howling Hill will grow into a big girl farm like Nyman’s.

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2 Responses to J & C Nyman Farms

  1. colleennyman says:

    Wow… We’re a big girl farm, eh? That is true praise. Most days we feel (and are) very much a work in progress. What are your farming aspirations? What kind of livestock or veggies, fruits, CSA?

    Cheers and good luck!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Colleen: yep, big girl farm.

    I’d like to farm veggies and some small livestock such as chickens, goats, sheep, etc.

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