Reverse Graffiti

My only concern is the amount of water used for this project considering California is a desert. But if not a lot is used then I’m good with this.

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2 Responses to Reverse Graffiti

  1. bliss says:

    I love to see folks engaged in their creative processes. It’s inspirational. But like you, I hope that’s not “good” water being used. And am I mistaken in thinking I saw the designs being put in the street? I hope someone will see and appreciate it though I’m more inclined to see stuff up high when I’m driving. :-)

    Thanks for the valuable info re impaled objects. If I had known it at the time, I would have gone to the E.R. immediately instead of wasting those 30 minutes. Thank God it wasn’t hooked on anything major.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Bliss: I agree with your ideas about the creative process. And like I said, I just don’t want to see water wasted in an area with little water to begin with.

    How did you find me anyways?

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