Hungry Fox

I’ve been vindicated!

Little Ms. Hungry Foxy-fox was just snooping around the coop looking for something to eat. I laughed heartily at her and said “Ha! Ha! You get nothing you nosey fox you! You can leave hungry, I ain’t feeding you no more!”

She scampered back into the woods without turning back.

I’m sure she’ll be back a few more times before she figures out there aren’t any more chickens for her to eat. In the meantime I’m going to point and laugh at her while saying “Nothing for you to eat your greedy fox you!”

I have to say, though, she’s quiet! The only reason I saw her is because I looked out the window when movement caught my attention. I was too busy jeering her to get a picture.

Edited to add: She came through again just a few minutes ago (it’s 1:10p). I laughed out the door to her saying “HA! Nothing for you!”

Thing is, once the indignation of having my chickens eaten by Ms. Mouthy Foxy-Fox has worn off, I’m going to feel *awful*. I’ve never been one to put bird seed out because I don’t want the birds (and other critters) to get used to having a food source then have it disappear because I forgot to fill it or I moved. Same with the fox. It’s obvious she’s gotten used to having a constant food source and now it’s gone. Will she stave because I took her yummy yums away?* Will her babies starve because I’m not feeding their mama anymore? What if she gets hit by a car, it’ll be my fault because she didn’t have the speed to run across the street fast enough because I took her food away from her.

And I have to admit, Wolf is 100% right. If Ms. Foxy-Fox was coming through the yard sans chickens, I’d be over the moon with glee because a fox was visiting the yard. But because she ate my chickens, I’m a little peeved.

*I know she won’t but this is how I think.

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6 Responses to Hungry Fox

  1. You know you kill me, right? The mental picture I just had…

    I love that you are a living example of the juxtaposition of emotion and rational thought, and you *know* it.

    Now that you do not have to worry about the chickens, try to enjoy your wildlife and remember how lucky you are to live in the woods!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Silverwolf: so long as you’re laughing WITH me and not at me =)

    Yep, I know it. It used to drive me crazy but I’ve come to accept the fact I’m mildly crazy.

    You’re right I should enjoy Ms. Foxy-Fox’s visits. I’m still a little indignant though. I’ll get over it and then pine away for her and wonder why she won’t come visit anymore. There’ll be some pouting and whining I’m sure.

  3. Noelle says:

    But think of how far in life the fox made it before she found out about your chickens! It’s like someone who makes their own dinner every night, and then finds out about McDonald’s, loves it, and never wants to make dinner at home again.

  4. Howling Hill says:

    Noelle: those are some good points you bring up. However, Ms. Foxy-Fox eating my chickens was like someone who lives on McNasty’s then finds a cheap and easy gourmet restaurant down the road.

  5. Allie says:

    Oh, you are such a kind soul!

  6. Howling Hill says:

    Allie: why thank you!

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