Slipped Me a Mickey

Yesterday afternoon, Wolf and I spent the day with the fire department. The general store gives our town residents a “customer appreciation day” and the owner, Gary, asked the fire department to pull out the apparatus to show it off. Chief went a step further and got a junk Mercedes for the members to practice using the Jaws of Life and cutters on.

We gave out all kinds of cheap plastic crap which have some definite useful purposes. First, the key chains of which we have about a million. Despite giving them to just about everyone at the event, I don’t think I made a dent in the box. Second were magnets which say plan your escape route. Lastly were the File of Life magnets we gave out.

The fun part for the crowd wasn’t the free stuff we gave out. Rather, it was the “smash the Mercedes with a pick ax or sledge hammer (your choice). Five whacks for a buck.” Wolf and I promoted this bit of destructive fun while passing out the plastic.

7.13.08 Gary's Appreciation Day  (2)

I paid my dollar to whack the car five times. I chose the pick ax because it’s not as heavy as the sledge hammer. Whack one I yelled “I”; whack two “Need”; whack three “an”; whack four “effing”; whack five “job.” Then, I took a few more whacks and yelled something along the lines of “screw you George Bush.” Chief stated he was nervous about ever giving me an ax again.

Oddly, there were only two women who whacked the car: me and a pregnant 20 year old. The rest were guys or boys, though a bunch of girls chose to also. The kids didn’t get to use the ax or sledge hammer, they used a small hammer.

If you’re wondering the purpose of the exercise it was to allow the citizens of the town to get their aggressions out. For me it was very therapeutic, though I wished I’d had a $20 and more arm strength =)

After the car was pummeled by frustrated citizens, the fire department tore the car apart. Not only was it a demonstration for the on lookers, it was a practice exercise on how to use the jaws, cutters, spreaders, etc. It took a little over an hour. If you want to see pictures with explanations, go to the department page here.

We got home about 3p which left us enough time to take a shower and get ready for Sunday Dinner over at Silverwolf Sanctuary’s home. We agreed to do Sunday Dinner the second Sunday of every month. Last month they came here so this month we went there.

Glenn made a phenomenal meal of lasagna, steamed greens — which he had a name for that I forget — and garlic bread. Dessert was the game Cranium and homemade three berry pie (blueberry, blackberry, and … um… something). The women were beat by the boys (note the word choice). I tried my best at charading “magnetism” but wasn’t very good if Kim and Maggie couldn’t figure out WTF I was charading.

All the while I was drinking this really, really yummy tea but I think Maggie slipped me a mickey in the tea.

A Mickey Finn (or simply Mickey) is a slang term for a drink laced with a drug (especially chloral hydrate) given to someone without their knowledge in order to incapacitate them. Serving someone a Mickey Finn is most commonly referred to as slipping a mickey, sometimes spelled “slipping a mickie”.

You see, despite being exhausted from the day with the department, having my belly filled with some incredibly yummy food and going to bed at 10p, I slept for a grand total of 1 hour last night, during which I had some really effed up dreams involving foxes and chickens. I got up around midnight and took a maletonin which normally knocks me out but, like I said, I slept for about an hour. The reason I woke up wasn’t because of the dreams (or maybe that was a significant factor) but because it started raining. I got up to close the doors and windows then waited for the pager to go off alerting Wolf and I that we must go out on a fire department call. We never got one thankfully.

My conclusion: the mickey was caffeine. Yep, the tea was caffeinated.

Now, I’m not mad or upset, just tired. It’s hard to be upset with people who are such good friends and feed you such wonderful, homemade food; people whom you worship with regularly so don’t think I’m sitting here pissy or anything cuz I’m not. Rather, this is just an account of my day and night.

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4 Responses to Slipped Me a Mickey

  1. It wasn’t the hot tea…. it was probably the iced tea you had with dinner. I think that the iced tea was made with black tea which is full of caffeine.

    I didn’t sleep well either, but I blame it on being embarrassed that we were beaten by the boys club. We’ll have to take them in a rematch!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    And that tea was so good too! This whole “I can’t drink caffeine” thing can be very trying sometimes.

  3. Turtleheart says:

    Sounds like a good day (except for the caffeine). Looks like you really put your back into that car whacking! Great pic.

    I followed the link to see the demo on the practice exercise, I’ve always wondered what all is done to extricate someone trapped in a car. Interesting, but I sure wouldn’t want to ever experience it myself.

  4. Howling Hill says:

    Turtleheart: It was a great day!

    Not only did I put my back into it, I put my rage into it. =)

    No, I wouldn’t want to experience it myself either. There’s some pretty traumatic injuries which go along with the need for extrication equipment.

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