Cynthia McKinney and Genetically Modified Organisms

Remember how I said if Cynthia McKinney was running for president I’d vote for her? Well she is. And now that I have her opinion on GMOs, I have a total girl crush!

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2 Responses to Cynthia McKinney and Genetically Modified Organisms

  1. henkios says:

    Eliminate genetically modified foods? I wish she said, “I will close all labs doing research on agricultural biotechnology and corporations doing work on crop genetic engineering. Genetically modified foods will never be a panacea to the food problems facing this world. And neither will organic foods. We need a multi-pronged strategy in solving the current food crisis.

    Crop genetic engineering has been with us since time immemorial. What’s happening now is that the process of genetically engineering crops has improved. It’s not as slow as it used to be before. And kudos to companies like Monsanto or DuPont for working hard to ensure this technology is available to farmers.

    Cynthia’s pledge to ban genetically modified foods, I think is misguided. It’s not based at all on science. Therefore, there’s no way her wish will be given.

    I propose Cynthia seeks for a sound advice from people who’re knowledgeable in crop genetic engineering.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    henkios: thanks for your comment. How did you find me?

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