Fresh Chicken

Early this morning Wolf went to Eric and Doreen’s farm to slaughter Parm and McNugget. We ate one of them for dinner tonight.

First off, we raised some skinny chickens. Maybe next year I’ll feed them some more or get a different breed. Or maybe I’ll get some meat birds and some egg birds.

Second off, while the breast was really tender, the legs were really tough. I suppose this is what happens when you allow your chickens to run around. No atrophied legs here!

I’m going to be taking the rest of the carcass to make soup tomorrow. I’m not sure when we’ll eat the second chicken, probably not for a couple weeks so I’ll have to throw it in the deep freeze.

I’ll ask Wolf to post how he culled the chickens. I think they cut the necks but I’m not 100% sure.

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3 Responses to Fresh Chicken

  1. farm mom says:

    Glad you enjoyed your bird. We thought our fresh chicken was a bit tough too. Needs to age. ;) I’ve raised dark cornish for meat, and the breast was bigger, but not that much different from our multi-purpose breeds. We find we don’t mind not having the jumbo super-sized breasts of the cornish crosses, especially considering how hard they are to raise and just how un-chicken-like they are.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Farm mom: we did, but like I said, they are *skinny*!

    The birds we raised were Cinnamon Reds or something like that.

  3. Wolf says:

    They were Red Star Crosses. Very cool birds: sweet temperament, fairly quiet, fantastic layers. We’ll definitely be getting these birds again for eggs. Probably a different breed for meat, though.

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