Harvested and Planted

Today Wolf and I harvested 14 heads of garlic. In it’s place we put some oregano and dill.

We were surprised to find the garlic grew its stalks at almost a 90* angle from the bulb.

The smell in the trailer is divine!

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7 Responses to Harvested and Planted

  1. peppylady says:

    Haven’t been able to comment recently.
    I love the smell of garlic and love to cook with it any how I heard the stalks are good in a stir fry.
    Haven’t try it.

    Any now a short comment about fast food places. I don’t use the drive though.

    I posted a question over at my blog at the end of my last heads or tail.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Peppy: has my blog been acting up regarding the comments?

    I too love the smell of garlic.

    I’ll head over and take a peek at the questions.

  3. Allie says:

    Oh, that’s so cool! Was it hard to grow garlic?

  4. Howling Hill says:

    Allie: it’s wicked easy to grow garlic. Here are the instructions:

    1. Order garlic (we get it from Fedco.

    2. Plant individual cloves about 2 inches apart in October.

    3. Watch grow in spring and summer.

    4. Cut scapes when they appear.

    5. Harvest garlic in July.

    6. Cut off stalks and wash.

    7. Let sit for a couple days.

    8. Eat.

    9. Smile in mouth ecstasy.

  5. tinydr says:

    mmmm, I love fresh garlic, so much better than the junk they sell at the supermarket… it’s excellent in white beans.

  6. Howling Hill says:

    tinydry: it is yummy smelling. We haven’t had any yet but hopefully tonight!

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