Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity

Yesterday I watched Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity. It was awesome. On my scale of 1-10, it gets an 8.

The story revolves around twelve year old Mindy and her single mother. Mindy wants her mother to find love but her mother refuses to acknowledge she’s lonely. Mindy turns to Taoist magic to aid her in finding her mother a husband.

Within the story are two other stories: a middle age man and his wife. The man is laid off and goes through the same depression I’m going through. The second story is of a man who wants his son to become a butcher like him but the son decides to become a Buddhist monk instead. The father becomes enraged and threatens to disown the son but then remembers the pain of when his own father disowned him.

The two other men become kinda involved in Mindy’s attempt to broaden her mother luck. The butcher wins the money Mindy means for her mother to win and the laid-off gentleman ends up with the bad luck Mindy tries to deflect from her mother.

Overall it’s a wonderful story. I highly recommend the film.

Oh, and if anyone ever wants to give me a gift, I’ll take a year subscription to Film Movement. I’ve been wanting to sign up ever since I found out about it but, alas, no money.

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