Escape from Suburbia

The other night Wolf and I watched Escape from Suburbia

It wasn’t bad. On my scale it gets a 5.

There were few non-white people in the movie. While the film has the word “suburbia” in it, it is definitely geared toward the white middle class urbanite. They didn’t focus too much on suburban residents because the filmmakers feel those who live in suburbia can just grown their own food in their poisoned yards though they did talk about suburban sprawl a lot.

The solution they offer is for everyone to live on farms or start urban farms which poses a problem: there is only so much land available. So until the buildings and parking lots are torn up and the land is made non-toxic, there’s going to be a huge shortage of food.

The film is the sequel to End of Suburbia.

I didn’t realize I never wrote a review of End of Suburbia. It too was good (a 5 on my scale) but again, geared to the white middle class sub/urbanite. I don’t remember too much about it (which should tell you something) because we saw it like a year ago or so but I do remember a part in the movie where the filmmakers go over all the types of energy available to make cars move: hydrogen, biofuels, etc. Then then debunk each as a myth with explanations as to why none of feasible solutions.

You can watch either movie independently, that is you don’t have to watch End of Suburbia then Escape from Suburbia in that order. Both are relevant and can stand alone but I do recommend watching both, in order.

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