Zucchini Ideas

Over the weekend I found a great blog to add to my feeder, The Ethicurean. Today they talk about zucchini and it’s many, many uses, and my favorite part, where it came from

To begin with, zucchini — be it green, yellow, striped, long, short, round, or bat-shaped — hails from the species Cucurbita pepo, along with other summer squash. It’s a latecomer to the botanical field, emerging from mutations of other European squash in the late 19th century and arriving with Italian immigrants in the United States in the early 20th century. It’s low in calories, contains respectable amounts of vitamin A and potassium as well as a good portion of manganese, and is so easy to grow that it comes highly recommended as a good crop for those who want to stretch their food budget.

I *heart* zucchini. It’s one of my favorite vegetables of all time. This year I fear we won’t get any. All this rain and cool temps all summer haven’t given us *any* squashes this year as I lamented in this post. .

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