Phelan Family Phew

Or should it be “Phelan Phamily Phew?”

Last month Phelan posted a ham stew recipe which I made and canned yesterday. I got 12 pint jars.

I didn’t have any chickpeas so I used black-eyed peas and then I realized the reason Phelan uses chickpeas: they don’t fall apart and get mushy like black-eyed peas (or other soft beasn). Oh well, it was still yummy.

Next time I think I’ll use a different cut of ham. Wolf bought two ham steaks because they were cheap (he said all the ham at Hannaford was really expensive this week.) but the steaks got a little tough after stewing.

I’m in a lazy mood so no pictures.

Today I’m making spaghetti sauce. Since we have pasta once a week and pizza every Friday it seems I’m always making sauce. This time I’m making a double batch.

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4 Responses to Phelan Family Phew

  1. Too bad the ham got tough… did you just stew it with the rest of the ingredients?

    We’ve been thinking about canning soups – how long at what pressure did you can?


  2. Howling Hill says:

    Yep, threw it in with the rest of the ingredients.

    This particular soup I pressure boiled for 20 minutes at 10lbs. The reality is, however, I can never keep it at 10lbs. This time it didn’t go below 10lbs, which is good. It hovered between 11 and 13.

    I find I have to sit at the stove and babysit the pressure canner. It’s constant increase of flame and decrease of flame. Finding the “perfect” flame is like walking on the sun. Achievable in theory but not in practice.

  3. We have to babysit ours as well; t’is the nature of the beast, I suppose.

    I’m surprised your receipe only called for 20 minutes. Most of our sources say between 60-75 minutes, which is part of the reason we’ve never canned soups/stews! Too long babysitting the canner on a hot stove!

  4. Howling Hill says:

    The few soups and stews I’ve canned have all called for 20 minutes at 10lbs.

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