Rain Rain Go Away

This winter was brutal for us here in Central New Hampshire. And for those of you who read my blog regularly you’ll remember my bitter complaining about all the dam snow (though I’m told by those who grew up here this past winter was akin to the winters of their youth. Maybe global warming isn’t that bad after all…). It snowed so much we still had a lot in April.

The snow came everyday. We’d get an inch each day, maybe two, sometimes 4-8 or a foot far too often. It just got the point if it wasn’t snowing it seemed as if something was wrong.

Here’s what it looked like at the end of February.

Feb 27, 2008

And we still got another couple *feet* after this picture was taken.

Well, it seems to be happening again. This time it’s rain instead of snow (thank you very much!) Every day we get a sprinkle, rain, or downpour. The garden, my friends, is going to float away.

The tomatoes and cucumbers are doing ok in this weather but the squashes are not. While there are lots of flowers being pollinated none are giving me a vegetable to eat. And this is me being sad for two reasons. First, I *heart* squash. Second, it’s mostly what I planted this year.

Today I’m supposed to can up some spaghetti sauce but I don’t like to can when I can’t open the doors and windows because living in a 600 sq foot mobile home (read: house made of plastic) it gets really, really hot and humid in here. I can’t open the windows because the rain will pour in. I keep asking Wolf to build me some sort of rain guards for the windows but he hasn’t gotten around to it.

I don’t remember when we had a day of all sun and no clouds. A day when rain didn’t come through. I could ask Silverwolf but often they have different weather than us. For example it will rain here and not there or vice versa. Sometimes it’ll snow here but rain there because we’re at a higher elevation and have a different micro-[crap, I can’t think of the word]. Edited to add: micro-climate. That’s the word.

Of course this means Francesca and Harley are in. This is fine for a while until they start getting a little stir crazy which will happen in about another two hours. And, of course, it means they will use their litter boxes instead of doing their poo outside which means I have to clean the boxes. One thing about having indoor/outdoor cats is one gets used to NOT having to clean litter boxes and then dreads having to do so.

Overall it’s a day to sit around and read (books and blogs so post often!) and knit. This is good I guess. But it also means I have to turn on lights to see anything which will bring an increase in the electric bill.

One wonders if there’s a place on Earth where the climate is perfect..?

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6 Responses to Rain Rain Go Away

  1. tara says:

    We are on the other end of the misery spectrum here. It’s 97 out there practically daily at this point, we don’t get any rain at all, but it’s so humid that you feel like you can’t breathe. Lots of my garden died or petered out because it was just too hot.

    You can’t win anywhere, I guess. All you can do is adapt.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Surprisingly it hasn’t been all that hot here this summer. Usually when we get all kinds of rain like this the humidity is awful but not this year.

    Adapting is overrated.

  3. Noelle says:

    San Diego is perfect. Until the next big earthquake.

  4. Howling Hill says:

    Noelle: yea, the earthquake thing kinda sucks I bet.

  5. Chan says:

    Denver’s gorgeous if you can handle the heat and the dry in the summer (and random winter weather patterns). I have cactus, yucca, chicks n hen, and random desert plant-life in my yard. We are on day 24 above 90 (and out of those we’ve had 9 days above 95 and 5 at 100 or higher) and have only had 3.28 inches of rain in the city since the first of the year. We’re down about 7 inches so far this year. Send us some rain and I will send you some heat and sun. . . deal?

  6. Howling Hill says:

    Chan: deal!

    My brother lives out in the Denver area. He’s a park ranger I think.

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