Sweeny Todd

So last night Wolf and I watched Sweeny Todd.  Let me ask you this: when did it become acceptable to glorify sociopathic murder and cannibalism? Oh, wait. It’s always been acceptable. But not to me.

I thought it was awful. But then I’m not surprised because I don’t really like Tim Burton movies. They are melodramatically macabre and predictably boring. Sure, there’ll be lots of silly costumes and blood but one of his movies is like all the rest.

What I don’t understand is why progressive non-violent souls like Wolf like these kind of movies. I can only assume it’s their way to act out humanity’s innate violent tendencies without actually hurting anyone. Or maybe it’s because we’ve grown up on violence (hours and hours of Tom and Jerry) so it’s no biggie to him.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman can actually sing.

Yea, so on my scale it gets a 1. I’d give it a zero but I don’t have a zero on my scale.

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11 Responses to Sweeny Todd

  1. Don’t blame Tim Burton – “Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street: A Musical Thriller” is a Tony Award-winning musical with a book by Hugh Wheeler and music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. The musical is based on the 19th century *fictional* character Sweeney Todd, though more specifically, the 1973 play Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street by Christopher Bond…

    It happens to be in my top 5 favorite musicals, and I do not think that I tend to revel in violence or bloodshed. I think that because the story is so fantastic, sensational even, that we separate ourselves from the violence because it is not very believable. (Remember, it was written in a time period were people were less desensitized to violent TV, movies, etc.) It becomes more a show less about glorifying murder & cannibalism and more a metaphore for obsession; how revenge can consume a person, driving him/her to the unthinkable!

  2. farm mom says:

    I’m not into Tim Burton either. And I think Depp does much better work when Burton’s not involved.

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Silverwolf: You see the metaphor much better than I do. But then I don’t see metaphor very well because I’m so literal.

    Farm mom: I agree. One of my favoritist movies is Chocolat.

    I never jumped on the Johnny Depp bandwagon in the 80s and 90s because I never saw anything appealing in him. Now, however, I find he’s a great actor and generally enjoy his movies. But not the fantasy ones, actually.

  4. Noelle says:

    I’m not a big fan of Sweeney Todd, because Into the Woods is one of my favorite musicals ever, and I think the Sweeney music is too similar, and it just makes me wish I was watching Into the Woods. Also, yeah, too pointlessly violent for my taste. Although I will watch anything with Alan Rickman, and almost always enjoy the scenes with him.

    That being said, I think there’s probably some psychologically good reason that non-violent people are attracted to violent stories and it probably has something to do with having an outlet for the animal tendencies we all have and not actually acting them out. But, I don’t know much about it, at least not enough for a succinct comment.

  5. Howling Hill says:

    What’s “Into the Woods” about?

    I agree with you on the non-violent part of your comment. I too don’t know enough about it, it was just something I thought of.

  6. *squeeeee* “Into the Woods” is fantastic!

    “I was bred to be charming, not sincere” You should see it – takes all fairy tales and smoosh them together and put them to music…

    Noelle – the reason ST & ITW sound similar is because the scores are both Stephen Sondheim, who, in my humble opinion doesn’t have a huge range of originality…

  7. Howling Hill says:

    I’ll have to put it in my queue.

  8. peppylady says:

    Haven’t seen any of these movies you or above comment seen.

  9. Beej says:

    See, I just hate Sondheim. I was once a music major, and I had to sing most every Sondheim musical at least once – and I just hate his music.

    Beyond that, I thought the movie was lousy. I’m with you. Does yoru scale have a 1/2? I give it a 1/2 on your scale!

  10. Howling Hill says:

    Beej: I suppose it has a “1/2” since I sometimes give movies a 5.5 or something.

  11. Gina says:

    Wow, I had the complete opposite reaction to Sweeny Todd, but then I happen to be a huge Tim Burton fan. For me, TB movies are so over the edge into a realm of imagination, that you cannot possibly take them seriously except to poke fun at movies that are trying to be fantasical/horror with seriousness. Sweeny Todd was a bit more on the gory side for Burton (and I waited for my kids to be asleep before watching it), but I thought it was quite funny in a ironic way (a musical set to blood and gore??? How different, how funny!)

    I wouldn’t rank it as my number one Burton film (that will always be Nightmare before Christmas with Edward scissorhands in close second), but I actually liked it (although I do think the spraying blood scenes were a bit much after the 5 or 6 time.) I think you have to have a very weird sense of humor and imagination to get Burton’s movies. I actually hope he takes on Wicked (I love the broadway play) because i think he really tries to stay away from the known versions and create a new look at an old topic. I would still LOVE the broadway play, but I could also love a movie (I haven’t seen Sweeny Todd the play).

    Anyway just my two cents being that I seem to be in the minority about Tim Burton.

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