Tired (of the) Weather

I am very, very tired today. It’s good. It’s been a long time since I was this tired because I usually sit around the house blogging and knitting.

tinydr came to visit me yesterday. He was one of my roommates from the Mission Hill days waaaaaay back in the 90s. For the last bunch of years he’s been living in Iowa and Louisiana going to school. It’s been a decade since I saw him last. He hasn’t changed much =). That’s what I love about old friends, they don’t change much.

The weather has been really effed up: it’s rained just about every day, we’ve gotten a lot of torrential downpours, there’s been flash flooding (sadly, a 7 year old girl lost her life in Ashland. She was up from Rhode Island camping with her family. I know the rescuers are taking it pretty hard.), trees and wires down, and the ponds and streams are overrunning their banks. I heard on the news the last time the weather was like this was in 1938 which led to the New England Hurricane of 1938, something I don’t hope to repeat.

Yesterday when tinydr got here the day was hot and sunny, something which hasn’t been happening in the last month. He asked to go to Old Hill to see New Hampshire’s ghost town so I took him. There were a few parts we couldn’t get to because the ground was pretty squishy but otherwise it was nice down in Old Hill.

At one point I looked at the sky and said “the rain is coming” so we headed back to the house just in time for Wolf to feed a very yummy, but a little too carby after a long walk, vegetarian meal. We then sat around and jawed for a while. Wolf got to know tinydr which was nice. He’s heard me talk about my Mission Hill days but hasn’t met the majority of the people I lived and partied with.

tinydr decided to call it a day when the skies opened up. I really do hope he got home ok because the roads were terrible and the visibility was shit (I should probably call him, hu?). Around five Wolf and I decided we should staff the station (read: watch tv). We hung around till about eight with The Probie then were about to leave when Muscles and Chief showed up. Wolf and I were jawing with the three of them when two women came up to the station and said the road was difficult to pass. Muscles, The Probie, and myself hopped in a truck then realized quite quickly the road needed to be closed. This was around 8p.

Until about midnightish we turned traffic around until the state DOT came and looked at the road. They opened one lane (which is good because there are only two ways out of town) then Chief sent home those who have to work. I stayed at the station for another hour or so with Chief, Muscles, and The Probie. Wolf and I had to walk home because *our* road was washed out and believe me it wasn’t easy getting out our part of the road. Not only was it washed out but it was pitch black and we were both tired and worn out.

So after a long walk in Old Hill, then standing on my feet for four hours, not to mention walking up and down it, I am achy. My hips hurt in a way they never have before. When I got home I stretched for a half hour before I went to bed. I got up early this morning to go and take some pictures in the light of day. It’s pretty messy out there. Our major route here in town lost 18 feet (18 FEET) of roadway to a “stream.” That is, what was a stream became a swift moving river which quickly spread out and washed out the side of the hill, the road, and a driveway (thankfully not my driveway) making it’s own path.

I have to go back to the station at 11 am (in an hour) for some more walking around town to find out how the roads look and to check on the second spot where we closed the road last night (up on The Mountain). I could go back to sleep now but I guess I won’t be able to.

All of this is reminding me I really need to get off my ass and run.

One good thing: I am getting paid for this. Oh, I know it’s minimum wage and I won’t see the check until Septemberish (we get paid quarterly) but at least I’m making *something*!

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3 Responses to Tired (of the) Weather

  1. tara says:

    Minimum wage is better than no wage!!Any contribution is worth the effort in times like these.

    I’m really sorry about your weather up there! I wish it would all balance out and we could spread the rain to where it is needed.

  2. peppylady says:

    Our weather is just the opposite of yours hot and dry.

    Sound like you had a wonderful time with your friend and glad that wolf had a chance to met him.

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Tara: I agree. Actually, it’s above minimum wage. I think I get like $8 an hour or so. And I enjoy what I do with the fire department. While I won’t work full time for a low wage (low wages don’t buy gas) I don’t mind doing it on occasion.

    Peppy: Usually by this time of the year we’re sweltering in the humidity but not this year. It’s been moist but not hot.

    I did have a good day with tinydr. I hope it’s not another decade before we see each other again.

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