Doing Not Thinking Update 1

I’ll be writing the Doing Not Thinking Challenge updates on Fridays. Note: there won’t be a post next week as I’m leaving for Maine tomorrow and won’t be back until the 24th. VACATION!!! Nothing is better for the soul than the salt air of Long Sands.

Since deciding to join the Doing Not Thinking Challenge earlier this week I’ve done the thing which usually induces me to actually do something: I’ve talked about it. This is key with me. I like to think I’m one of those people who does what they say they will. I don’t want to be one who is all talk and no action so I do the best I can with following through with what I’m talking about.

The other day Muscles and I went to H0me Dep0t. I talked to him about the “epiphany I had” after the flash floods: I needed to get my body back in shape (not that it ever was) and I had to get some of this weight off. Since he is a compulsive weight lifter (hence his name), I asked him some questions about stretching and exercise in general. He reiterated it was important to stretch so I’m heeding everyone’s advice.

I did notice, however, I’m not doing as much when I get home as I should. After I walk/ran yesterday I came home and stretched for a minute then started making spaghetti sauce to can (I made eight jars). And I did the same today, instead though I sat at my computer to start my morning routine. However, I’m all scattered and not thinking in the calm way I try to because the adrenaline is coursing through my body at high speeds I’m very very anxious. My thoughts are a million a second and it’s hard to focus on just one. So, what I’m learning is I have to come home after exercising and do some yoga/stretching to re-center myself because I’m just off the wall.

The other thing I noticed is I’m ravenous when I get home. All I can think about is eating. But stretching after eating isn’t good. Knowing I have to try one then the other (eating then stretching/stretching then eating) today I did the eating first. If I don’t calm down relatively soon I’ll know stretching will have to come first no matter how hungry I am.*

I didn’t run for very long yesterday or today but I did walk faster than I usually do when I wasn’t running. I made sure I kept my heart rate up and tried to control my breathing as best I could. The reiki** I’ve participated in at D Acres has really helped with my breathing. The last couple weeks I’ve asked the practitioners focus on the heart chakra with the thought of open. That is, to open my lungs up so I can breathe better when I’m exercising. While they are focusing on opening I am thinking about climbing mountains and when I get to the top I can breath in all that cold, fresh air, getting the air to the bottoms of my lungs and filling my body, mind, and soul with cleansing air. I’ve not been able to take a deep breath to get air into the bottoms of my lungs since…forever. I smoked for 20 years there’s a lot of damage to my lungs. I quit six years ago.

Wolf plans on starting this whole routine with me on Sunday once we’re in York. We’ll get up in the morning and walk/run along the beach assuming the weather is good (it never is when we go on vacation) and the tide is low.

*I have a very, very difficult time trying to control my impulses when I’m hungry. Being hungry is usually when I get myself in the most trouble because I don’t think before I speak or do.

**I haven’t really posted about this. On the first Sunday of the month I go to D Acres for their reiki share. It’s awesome. I feel myself sloughing off lots of negativity while I’m there and I hope it’s coming home with me. I’ve indicated I’d like to take the class but the woman who teaches it hasn’t set a date. Until then I will continue to go to the share and connect with other people and with myself.

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2 Responses to Doing Not Thinking Update 1

  1. neuteronomy says:

    The breathing is key! It’s been super hard for me, too, after quitting smoking 2.5 years ago. Good luck!

  2. peppylady says:

    Sound like an interesting challenge.
    Maybe I should do the challenge.

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