10 Things I Love Vol. 4

Here is this weeks 10 Things I Love.

  1. I love listening to the conversation between trees and wind. While I don’t speak their language I know they have some pretty intense debates!
  2. I love taking pictures.
  3. I love my camera. One of the greatest gifts Wolf has ever given me.
  4. I love when my body is sore and tired because she’s been moving and shaking.
  5. I love the anticipation of vacation!
  6. I love pickling. It’s something which I seem adept at.
  7. I love croûtons.
  8. I love getting comments. So, please, comment early and often.
  9. I love my spaghetti sauce. Since making it from scratch I can’t go back to the gross store bought crap.

I left this at 9 because it was supposed to self-publish while we were away but didn’t. Oh well.

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2 Responses to 10 Things I Love Vol. 4

  1. Erikka says:

    Hey there. I happen to have three cucumbers in my fridge. They are not pickling cucumbers, but can I still pickle them? Would they be yummy? If so, please do email me your pickling skills in condensed form :)

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Erikka: Yes, they’ll be fine. Often I don’t get “pickling cukes” either. Still quite yummyn.

    I’ll email you.

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