Doing Not Thinking Update 2

Regarding the Doing Not Thinking Challenge, Monday I did some running, mostly walking. Tuesday was my “day off” where I walked to the post office instead of driving. Wednesday I totally forgot to run in the morning which is when I like to. I mentioned to Wolf I forgot to run so he suggested we go for a long walk Wednesday night but that didn’t happen because we were toned out with the FD then we went to the station to discuss training for Thursday night. Thursday was my “walk to the Post Office day.” I was down in Concord all morning and drove right to the PO when I pulled into town so I didn’t end up walking at all. Today I ran some including downhill and uphill which is something I’ve avoided in the past.

There’s a few things I’ve noticed. First, if exercise is supposed to be an appetite suppressant it works the opposite on me. I’m ravenous when I get in from my walk. Second, some days I’m wired after I run/walk and other days I’m fatigued and exhausted. Monday was the former today is the latter. Third I’m a little more randy than usual. I’ve always heard exercise can increase sexual desire so maybe that’s happening with me. Or it’s because I’ve ovulated. Or maybe both. Who cares about the reason though? =)

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