Over Connecting

I just finished reading Kathy Reich’s novel Deadly Decisions. Wolf and I started reading her books after we started watching Bones. Though the books and the show are very different from each other I enjoy each.

One thing which annoys me about popular entertainment be it TV, movies, or books, is when the characters are over connected. That is, all the characters sleep with each other or are around every corner their lives overlapping to the point of ridiculous. Heroes is like this too. There are too many connections between the characters. It’s as if the only people the characters know are each other even though they are separated by thousands of miles. This is one of the reasons I like period pieces so much. Characters come and go like people do in real life.

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3 Responses to Over Connecting

  1. Meadowlark says:

    OK, speaking of annoying (and note: I’ve never seen that show), my family really struggles with many of these types of shows… the following blurb from the website might help explain:

    Most law enforcement can’t handle Brennan’s intelligence, her drive for the truth, or the way she flings herself headlong into every investigation.

    We are very close with members of law enforcement, and while that description might ring true in New York or Chicago or somewhere huge, most officers we know are thrilled to work with someone that “knows their crap”. They do get frustrated with the tendency now among jurors who want to know why they didn’t do such and such, just like on CSI. UM, CSI is a television show, not real life. That’s why. :)

    OK. I’ll shut up now.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Meadowlark: TV also fictionalizes tensions between agencies which I’ve not really found in real life. I worked in EMS for a while and didn’t see a hatred between firefighters and cops. Certainly the two groups rib each other about being better than the other but all that is mere facade when “the real thing” happens.

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