So last night I went up to Ellsworth (population: 86) for a firewalk. It’s the first time I’ve witnessed such an event. It was awesome and very energizing. A little too much as a matter o’ fact.

The gentleman who organized the event is someone I know from d acres. He and I participate in the monthly reiki share. Last month he extended an invitation to me which I gracefully accepted. He invited Wolf also unfortunately he couldn’t attend because he had to work so I took the Probie as my date for two reasons. First, I didn’t want to go alone. While most of the time I’m willing to go to anything by myself I’ve been feeling really, really lonely lately and just wanted some company. The second reason is I wanted him to see fire through a different lens. He’s been taught to fear fire, that it’s the enemy. While this can be true fire is also incredibly beneficial. It provides heat and food, destruction and rebirth. I hold fire in very high regard and I want to share that regard with the Probie.

In the past Wolf had mentioned he wanted to participate in a firewalk but I’ve never been interested in doing so. My interest was in observing the event but while driving up to Ellsworth (a beautiful ride through NH’s White Mountains) I got the inkling to participate. The Probie was vehemently denying he’d participate because he misunderstood me when I called and asked him if he wanted to go to a “firewalk;” he thought I said “fireworks.”

We were all asked to help place the wood and paper on the firepit in a circle in silence* after we were instructed to shed our shoes and socks. Then the fire was set — not in a way I would’ve set it because an accelarant was used — and it burned nicely. We waited a little over an hour for it to burn down then the fire master spread the coals out into a rough circle about four paces long. We were all asked to pat down the coals with a shovel, again in silence.* Then we were all walked across the fire at our own pace and when we were ready, thus there were lots of pauses between walkers. Our feet were then hosed off by the fire master.

I watched a couple people before I walked. I wanted an example before I crossed the coals in my bare feet. I found individuals paused for a minute, took a deep breath, lifted their heads to look straight ahead then strode across with purpose. It’s what I did. Three times.

I was very, very energized after the event. I’m surprised I fell asleep at all last night. When I got home I picked a fight with Wolf about money. Then another about the cleanliness of the house. Then I started cleaning the house. Then I wrote in my journal as I drank a cup of tea with two tension tamers and some fresh catnip to relax me enough to *think* about sleep. I can see why cultures use the firewalk as a healing agent. The next time I’m feeling like shit I’ll have Wolf make a fire for me to walk over because it’ll get my humors cruising through my body to dispel any illness who decides to make my body its home.

What I came to realize as I was going over the details of the night is, for me anyways, there should be a ceremony. An opening prayer, some grounding, and a closing prayer. I sucked up so much energy from the fire and the 20 or so participants I was positively vibrating. This vibration was why I came home and picked fights with Wolf. If there had been some ceremonial grounding and whatnot I think I would’ve been a bit better. While I know the fire master isn’t interested in doing rituals (he said so) I will do one for myself before and after next year (it’s a yearly event in his backyard) so I don’t repeat the negative behavior which is completely contrary to the spirit of the event.

Overall it was an incredible experience and I look forward to the next time I can participate in a firewalk. I highly recommend it to everyone!

*Silence would’ve been nice but a child, old enough to know better, wouldn’t shut up and the parent didn’t correct her behavior. I found it very distracting and annoying.

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5 Responses to Firewalk

  1. Glenn has firewalked innumerable times and finds it amazing. He has never actualy had to “hose off” his feet afterwards though. What was the purpose of the hosing?

    I for one will never do it. I have watched people from 16 – 65 participate, recognize the technique, but it is not for me. I do not relate that well to fire and the idea does nothing for me.

    Glad you got a chance to do it though – a lot of people find it exhilerating!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    The hosing was a “precaution” the fire master instituted. He said most fire masters don’t employ one but he felt it was necessary.

    If I remember right — so don’t quote me on this — I have a lot of fire in my astrological signs.* Since you know me, I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you!

    I’ve always been attracted to fire both “in real life” and metaphorically. I wasn’t interested in doing it either until I was driving up there. I found it to be an incredible experience and will definitely walk again.

    *I don’t know squat about astrology. It’s interesting but something I leave to others who feel the connection to it.

  3. Turtleheart says:

    What a very cool experience! I’ve never even had the opportunity to see someone firewalk. Not sure if I would try it if I had the chance, or not.

    Have you learned any grounding and centering techniques with your group? Perhaps this is something they could help you and Wolf learn. Then, after really high-energy situations, you could help ground each other.

  4. Howling Hill says:

    Turtle: It was very, very cool! I can’t wait to do it again. If you have the opportunity you should give it a try. It’s certainly confidence building.

    No I haven’t leaned any grounding and centering techniques. Certainly it’s something I need to look into. Thanks for the nudge.

  5. Karen says:

    I enjoyed reading this post! I am s firewalk instructor so it was interesting to read of your experience. I was at a presenter at the D Acres Cultivating Wellness Conference in which I led a “Breakthrough Ceremony” as well as a soap making class. I was hoping to lead the firewalk at this conference but logistically, it didnt work out. Please check out my website for upcoming Firewalks!!

    Many Blessings,
    Ancient Fire

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