Lies, Lies, Lies

Sarah Pallin is a liar. Yea, I want her representing me. NOT.

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10 Responses to Lies, Lies, Lies

  1. Meadowlark says:

    Um, I thought that was the entire nature of politics? Everybody in every party lies to get elected, then does whatever they please.

    I was thinking of not voting at all this year. Which is sad coming from a former military chick’s mouth, isn’t it.


  2. Burdock says:

    Palin was actually born here in Sandpoint, ID which has some people here excited. I can’t stand her politics so I could care less. I also lived in Reagan’s hometown (Dixon, Illinois), so I guess I have something about living where GOP wackos come from.

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Meadowlark: the idea of not voting just makes my skin crawl. I *have* to vote even if that means writing someone in. And that’s what I’m going to do, write in Cynthia McKinney.

    Burdock: welcome back!

    At least you’ve moved!

  4. gina says:

    Meadowlark & HH-I thought the same thing which would be the FIRST time in my entire voting aged life! However, I cannot have McCain’s trophey woman and co representing me. I will vote Obama (just like Kerry) because he is the lessor of the two evil tickets and writing someone in may lose us to THEM. It makes my stomach ache!

    I watched her speech last night and I was offended at the way she talked. I hated how she emphasized certain words as if we are all too stupid to understand them. I hate that she would have us birth any baby despite the circumstance.

    (Oh, and is it jsut me, but the older girl’s boyfriend looked annoyed at having her hold his hand-in fact he kept his hand face down as she caressed it. Poor girl.)

    It’s funny, I often call myself a pit bull. I am little (5’3″-ish) and I tend to be the dominant one in my relationships. It pissed me off when she made her comment.

    Also, as if I haven’t ranted enough, the same Bush speech writers helped write her speech. I think BE VERY AFRAID…

  5. gina says:

    I’m sorry, HH, I have so much more to say. I just read your link and I noted that in one of the debunked statements, it mentions Obama’s work with Lugar of Indiana. Now, I am hardly a republican supporter, but I do like Lugar. He wrote me a personal letter about NAIS when Bayh (a Democrat) sent me three (yep, 3) identical chain letters (the same letter word for word he sent to someone else here in IN). I respect Lugar and would vote for him (I have always voted for a**hole Bayh). Anyway, being from this great state of nowhere I thought I would say it out-loud to someone! LOL

  6. peppylady says:

    Ok here the scoop from Idaho and it not my personal thought how things should be.

    Idaho is a red of the red State 98% Idaho vote for Dubya. With McSane running and he went against Dubya and the McSane said something not overly bright about some big time christen right.
    Then it pissed off a lot Idahoan and now jump to 08 election.
    There a lot of people who thinks Obmaba (I know the spelling isn’t right and I got think of a different name to give him.)
    they think he is a Muslin and there whole faith is to kill everyone other then there own faith.
    So the Christen Right is big backer of Palin and she help McSane gain ground here.

  7. Howling Hill says:

    Gina: here you can say as much as you want without having to apologize for it.

    I didn’t watch her speech last night, I really don’t want to watch her do anything but lose.

    I wonder how much “choice” her pregnant daughter has. Seems to me she’s being forced to get married. And I wonder about the baby-daddy. Has he been given any choice in the matter? What if he doesn’t want to become a parent?

    Peppy: thanks for your insights. I was wondering how she was doing in Idaho. The whole reason McShame chose her was to boost his “christian” votes because the fundamentalists don’t think he’s fundamental enough. He made the right choice in upping his fundy vote and trying to attract women. Too bad she’s a nightmare.

  8. Mrs. W says:

    I was wondering the same thing about the baby, babydaddy, etc. Palin acts like it was her daughter’s choice but let’s get real. Is it really hers? Doubtful. And as far as the babydaddy is concerned … he’s getting something out of it, I’m just not sure what. I definitely think he has no choice in the matter either.

  9. Howling Hill says:

    Has the baby-daddy been identified? I feel I should be calling him by his name and not “baby-daddy.”

  10. Gina says:

    I believe it is Levi Johnston. I could say a joke here, but I won’t, LOL!

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