Doing Not Thinking Update 3

The third installment of the Doing Not Thinking Challenge

So Sunday I asked Wolf if he wanted to run with me on Monday morning. He’s the one who came up with the idea of running in the first place but because I’ve been unemployed for the last 50,000 years I’m the one with the time so I’ve been running and he hasn’t. Poor guy works his ass off to support me and it sucks.

But anyways.

I asked him if he wanted to run with me on Monday and he agreed. Monday morning came and we slept all cuddly warm with each other. Then he offered to make me breakfast and as we sat down to eat I said “Fuck! we were supposed to run this morning.” I wasn’t about to let a hot breakfast get cold so we agreed to run just before dinner. Then I spent the rest of the day canning spaghetti sauce after which we went out for dinner and ate some really bad for us food. Just as we sat down at the restaurant I said “fuck! We were supposed to run this afternoon.”

That’s the biggest obstacle to me running I find: remembering to do so. It’s still not part of my morning routine so actually doing the running is problematic.

Tuesday morning I did remember to run but it was late in the morning. My goal was to get up at 7a and run then but for the last month or two I’ve been sleeping in to 8a.* Tuesday morning was no exception. In my defense I can offer this explanation: at midnight we were toned out for a call and we didn’t get back to bed till around 2a so my night was very much interrupted. I didn’t get up till about 8:30a and was really, really sleepy but I did stretch then run and I hit a milestone! I was able to run down the driveway, down the street, and out to the entrance to the Village by the Highway Department. I’ve not been able to do that before so I’m quite pleased with myself.

I ran around the Village some more but stopped a few times to walk. I had to stop and stretch again because I could feel my calves tightening up. I also notice my shins hurt when I run. I assume that’s because I’m pounding 170 pounds onto them, something that has never happened before.

Thursday I was really off. Mostly I walked because I was just so worn out from the migraine. It wasn’t just the migraine it was also because I got up at 7:30 a half hour earlier than I have been over the last couple months but still a half hour later than I like. My routine was finished it was 9a. Usually I start making breakfast around 9a so I need to get up at 7 not 7:30.

One thing which does keep me moving is the bugs. If I stop they devour me so I keep moving.**

Today I won’t be running. The way I have the schedule set is I run every other day and today isn’t one of those days. Instead I’ll be walking to get the mail. This is something I haven’t been doing which is supposed to be part of my exercise routine mostly because I forgot. But no more! I will remember, dammit!

*This is effing up my sleep schedule. I need to get back to my morning routine of 7a which means I need to go to bed around 9p not later.

** Maybe that’s the reason Mother Earth created biting, buzzing, flying bugs: to keep us moving! I bet humans wouldn’t have traveled the world, walking from Africa to the bottom of South American, if it wasn’t for the damned bugs!

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