10 Things I Love Vol. 6

Here we go again!

  1. I love sleeping in lots of blankets with the windows open to let in the cool fall air for my lungs to breathe.
  2. I love Harley is the ultimate in lap cat.
  3. I love when Wolf becomes builder boi. He made me a shelf yesterday.
  4. I love kicking Wolf’s ass at Pictionary and cribbage. I didn’t win at cribbage this time but usually I do =)
  5. I love having a fire in the fire pit. Nothing’s better than the smoke, flames, coals, and having friends sit around it jawing away.
  6. I love knitting even if I only know two stitches. After all, I *made* that!
  7. I love watching my pantry filling up. Not as fast as I’d like it too but then I can only do so much cooking and canning.
  8. I love cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine. Nothing is sweeter and tastier
  9. I love listening to the scanner hearing all the fire calls go out around the Lakes Region. Doing so is so very nostalgic for me: Dad always had the scanner going when he was home and so does Nana.
  10. I love getting compliments on the website I manage for the fire department. Twice now strangers have come up to me and said “what a great website!” This pleases me so much and makes me feel all squishy inside.
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