Wildlife, Dogs, Money, and Ass

Yesterday was a busy day for wildlife here on Howling Hill. Yet another indication of winter.

First Francesca came home with a chipmunk.

9.15.08 Francescas kill

I tried to praise her for her wonderful hunting skills but she kept running away from me (this was after she dropped it from her mouth). The we both realized the chipmunk wasn’t dead, just playing so, so I blocked Francesca from getting it again and let it get away.

Prior to the chipmunk getting away, however, Harley came over.

9.15.08 Harley the Scavenger

Wolf and I used to think Harley was a great kitty hunter but we’re beginning to revise that image. More and more it seems Harley scavenges Francesca’s kill. She doesn’t eat her kill — which she rarely kills. When they’re dead they’re no fun to her — so she leaves them in the yard. If they are in fact dead then Harley comes along and eats the chipmunk, bird, or mouse.

Harley used to hunt but he doesn’t seem to anymore. It’s become painfully obvious to Wolf and I that Harley is now our “old man kitty.” That title used to describe Caesar but now it must be reserved for Harley.

Case in point, yesterday a flock of turkeys came through the yard.

9.15.08 turkeys (2)

Harley was on the pick nick table lounging away the day. The turkeys didn’t scatter until I opened the door to take a picture.

9.15.08 turkeys

Harley paid no attention to the turkeys where he would’ve a couple years ago. Instead he came toward me when I opened the door vacating his favorite spot: the pick nick table.

On a semi-related note, Wolf and I have been talking about getting another dog. We were totally behind the idea a few weeks ago but now I’m starting to waffle. There’s a part of me which wants to have as many pets around me as I can handle and the opposite side of me wants to have no pets so I can live my life without having to worry about them.* So until I make a decision we’re not going to get another dog because I don’t want to get one without being 100% behind the decision.

A huge factor in this decision is the cost of a dog. We really want to get out of the debt we’re in and a dog won’t help that situation. Dogs are expensive! Harley and Francesca don’t cost us nearly as much as Jaxsun did, combined.

Not only do we want to get out of debt we want to be able to save to buy a house. I want out of this trailer in the worst way. I feel like such a hypocrite living in a house made out of plastic.** I want to be able to live in a house where we can have solar and wood furnaces and other green technologies. But there is no way we can move while I’m not working. And when I do get a job (“if” seems like a better choice of words regarding my ability to get an interview of late) we have to focus the majority of our money on my student loans. Already we’ve taken two forbearances and not a single payment has been made.***

So no dogs until we’re in a house which will be like a century from now.

Oh and just so I can end on an up note, the fire department got a call last night to assist the police in catching some ass. That’s right, the PD and FD were chasing a couple of loose mules around town. Gawd Wolf and I love living in a rural community!

The mules weren’t caught, they outsmarted the PD and FD. I didn’t go to the call because I was in Concord for my EMT class. I wish I had, though!

*It’s typical of me to want the two extremes of a situation. Rarely do I see or live in gray. Actually, I loathe gray and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to break down gray situations to their core colors.

**Just about everything is plastic in this house including the tub and bathroom sink.

***Reminds me of that bumpersticker: I have a liberal arts degree. Do you want fries with that?

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12 Responses to Wildlife, Dogs, Money, and Ass

  1. Kathie says:

    I have a liberal arts degree and I’m a secretary (ok I have a longer and slightly better title than that but still I’m a secretary). Its strange, all those student loans and to never use them. I like my job and I am paid well especially for the area I live in, but still its so strange to look at from the outside sometimes.

    I’m constantly in the wanting / not wanting a dog mode. Ideally our cats are so self-sufficient and honestly I don’t have the time right now to train a dog the way I’d want them trained. So until I do, its no dog for us… unless we change our minds, ha!

    Sending lots of good thoughts your way for your job search.

  2. Meadowlark says:

    I just feel sorry for the PD & FD guys having to call home and say “can’t make it home for dinner honey, I’m looking for some ass”. Poor babies. :)

  3. pam! says:

    Okay, the story about the PD & FD failing to catch some ass has been the best part of this day. Thank You!
    I completely understand the want/need to get out of debt to change your living space to something more in line with your thoughts/soul/priorities. We have a home and do what we can with what we have but sometimes the inability to live the way I wish to (alternative energy sources, as green as possible, more self-sufficiently, etc) is very frustrating.

  4. Noelle says:

    I’d love to go back to school and get some skills while the getting’s good. If I lose this job, then I don’t know what I can do.

  5. Howling Hill says:

    Kathie: If I can find a job it looks as if I’ll be a secretary myself. It’s not a job I ever wanted but seems the only thing my Liberal Arts degree prepared me for is how to serve someone else be it fries or office related.

    The dog thing: I want one but…

    Thanks for the good thoughts. I’m so down in the dumps about this work thing it’s starting to affect everything in my life. I try to keep it under wraps but it’s not working very well to be honest.

    Pam: thanks for stopping by. How did you find me?

    Glad I made your day.

    Frustrating is a good word I think. Sometimes I feel like my whole life is a holding pattern: just trying to hold my own until I’m dead.

    Noelle: become a plumber. People always need plumbers. It’s a job that won’t be fazed out, outsourced, or eliminated anytime soon.

  6. Allie says:

    You know, regarding your plumber comment, I kind of wish that’s what I’d gone to school for. I’d love to have a trade and then have time and funds to do geeky intellectual things for fun on the side.

  7. Meadowlark says:

    On Plumbing: My first thought was YES! But my second thought was Well, if we switch to compost toilets and humanure… we’ll see about not being phased out.

    But I do think that SKILL jobs are a good idea and it’s the direction we’re pushing YoungSon – carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, blacksmithing, farming… anything that would work in a post-peak-oil society.

    Miss Doom and Gloom is now leaving the building… sorry about that)

  8. Turtleheart says:

    My, how Francesca has grown! I remember when she was a wee little kitty… She’s quite lovely! Moose is the same way about playing with moths & flies; he doesn’t want to kill them because then they are no fun anymore. I don’t think his skills honed enough for larger prey…

  9. pam! says:

    I found you a couple of months ago via Cauldron Ridge and delurked for the first time to comment on the ‘veggies:no/potato chips:yes’ post.

  10. Howling Hill says:

    Turtleheart: oh, and she’s BIG. She’s gotten to be a fatty actually.

    Last winter we noticed how much weight she’s gained and tried to cut back on the amount of food we gave her but then noticed she was eating Jaxsun’s food so there wasn’t much we could do. We thought she’d lose some weight after he passed but she didn’t and we couldn’t figure out why. Then my neighbor asked what me “what is the name of that tri-colored kitty you have?” I told her and she said “she comes to my house for breakfast every morning.” Apparently she comes in through the cat door, pushes the neighbor’s cat out of the way and eats Bones’ food. I asked the neighbor why she didn’t just look at the tag Francesca wears and she said “she doesn’t let me get close to her.”

    Pam: you did tell me that, I’m sorry I forgot. I’m glad you continue to read my blog!

  11. erikka says:

    kitties, chipmunks, turkeys and bears, OH MY!

  12. Howling Hill says:

    Erikka: yes, OH MY! All I need is a coyote now!

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